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Although choosing to take control of your life by joining our cashflow opportunities like Karatbars or MLSP is a great first step to changing your life, the financial side of your life is only one step and you need to keep in mind that to be truly happy you need to achieve balance in all areas of your life.

China Is Preparing To Shock The World

It is often quoted that since 1932 Gold has out performed the dollar by 4300%. However, a less often quoted fact is that since 2007 gold has outperformed bonds by about 17 percent, and has out performed stocks by 30 percent.
Have a look at this article and at the bottom of the page listen to 2 tremendous interviews from Stephen Leeb about “The Price Of Gold Set To Skyrocket As The West Edges Closer To Collapse?” and Gerald Celente about “what to expect from the gold and silver markets as the global unwind accelerates”.
China new world currency_I

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Sadly, the world lost a beautiful soul when Wayne Dyer passed away at the end of August.

He touched so many lives and left an incredible legacy. His work certainly made a significant impact on my life as he did on many others.

To celebrate his life, Hay House has discounted his eBooks on Amazon to just $1.99 for September.

I’m going to jump over and grab a few titles that I don’t have and I thought you might like to as well.

Wayne Dyer eBooks (Australia)

Wayne Dyer eBooks (US)


Wayne Dyer EBooks

Another offer is the special free screening of Wayne’s film “My Greatest Teacher“.

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Which Karatbars package do you think should I buy

When people sign up with Karatbars a very common question that we get asked is “which Karatbars package do you think should I buy?”

When people ask this I ask them in return “why are you joining Karatbars and what do you want to get out of it?”

If you are joining Karatbars to purchase gold and are not interested in earning any extra money with it that’s fine, you can join up as a customer, but personally I don’t recommend that.

I always recommend that people sign up as an affiliate, even if they aren’t planning on signing anyone up. This just leaves the option open in the future.

When you get involved in Karatbars and see what a great way it is to purchase gold you will naturally talk to other people about it and if you are signed up as an affiliate you can always give them your link and they can purchase gold as well.

Which Karatbars Package Should I Buy


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What are you Grateful for today?

One of the secrets in life is the importance of learning how to stay grateful when nothing in life seems to work. Remember no matter where you are in life you could be in a worse place. Everyone in life has things to be grateful for. Next time you catch yourself complaining, stop and think of something or someone that is worse off and you will instantly feel better.

This increases your energy levels. All emotions in life vibrate at different levels and happiness, joy and success are far higher vibrational levels than sadness and despair and unhappiness. When you vibrate at a certain level that is what you attract into your life. This is why people that are successful seem to attract more of the same into their lives because that is what they are attracting.

Have a look at the video below to see some more of the costs of setting up and running your home based business

What are you Grateful for today

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What else do you get with the Founder’s Club?

So you have seen some of the amazing training
you have access to with the Team WUKAR Founder’s Club…
and it is ALL FREE to you!
Here is something else you should be excited
about as well…
If you have been online for any length of time
you know how powerful YouTube can be for
getting traffic and your information and details
to people.
What if you could have a site that did this
same thing…
but ALL the ads on the video page linked
directly to YOUR OWN business?
Sound cool?
Well check out this video I have on the WVE system and you
can see exactly what I’m talking about!


Mindset for Success in your Home Based business
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Re: Less than 50 hours remaining… {time sensitive}

This is extremely time sensitive so we don’t want there to
be any excuse for you not having the information you need.
Check out again what we sent you…just over 48 hours to
go till this is no longer available…
John and Linda
This is the last opportunity you will ever have
to be part of something this big…
We can guarantee this!
At midnight, Wednesday 8th of April 2015 US EST time


The Team WUKAR Founder’s Club will be closed
for good!
Here is just a little sneak peak at some of the training

you can access for FREE as a Founder’s Club member...


Wukar Founders Club Training


So what would you have to pay for training in Pinteret,
Facebook, Twitter, Solo Ads and SEO?

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How to stay motivated when you aren’t seeing the results you want

How do you stay motivated when you work on your online business every day but still get no signups?

When your business is exciting and you can see it grow you will be more likely to stay motivated.

However, you need to realise that there are 3 stages of marketing as outlined in “Dare to Dream-Work to Win” by Dr. Tom Barrett that everyone goes through


  • It’s not worth it – this is where you are putting in time and effort and not getting the rewards and this is where 98% of people stop or move to the next up and coming program. As they are not pushing through their own mindset barriers they will just repeat this process time and time again and not make any progress towards becoming successful online or in any other business venture.
  • It’s worth it stage – the amount of time being invested in your business directly correlates to the amount of money you are earning and all the costs of your time and efforts are being covered.
  • I’m not worth this much stage – You are now getting paid WAY beyond your efforts and time and expenses….and have to keep pinching yourselves each day. This is where dreams are made.

You need to stay motivated as you go through the different stages as part of your growth, similar to children needing to crawl before they learn to walk as different skills are developed at each stage.


Have a look at the video below to see my thoughts on the tricks you can take to help you stay motivated.


How to stay motivated in your Home Based Business.

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