Cashflow is Critical

We have had our online interactive wheel of life working for some time and now have a fair bit of data that tells us what people consider being their biggest problems when balancing their lives. The biggest perceived problem by far is Wealth and Finances followed by Health (often caused by the stress of financial issues).

It isn’t really how much money people have that causes them problems or what assets or lack of assets they own. In nearly all cases the reason people have financial problems is due to a lack of càshflow. For most people, unless they have a conscious understanding of their finances and where their money goes they will use everything that comes in. This happens whether people earn $30,000 a year or $300,000 a year.

The first step in taking control of your financial future is understanding your current situation. A good place to start is to keep a budget of your income and expenses. When you start to do this you may be surprised at what you are actually using your money for. A copy of our downloadable budget can be found at

Once you understand what comes in and what goes out it is critical that you establish a regular càshflow source that continues to come in regardless of any work that you do. In fact the best way to cement you financial future is to diversify your income by establishing several independent sources of càshflow. If you can achieve this regular cashflow, with minimum daily effort, and establish a passive income stream, then that is even better.

One of the sources of càshflow that we have is a program called JustBeenPaid that is an internet based càshflow program.

Here is the link to the program for you to check it out yourself, Have a look, download the PDF, “Lindas Secret Step by Step Make Money in 24 Hours PDF Guide” and follow the details, then let us know if you have any questions.

We suggest you start with either $10 (minimum) or $30 which makes going to the next stage with your first JSS matrix faster (You don’t need to understand this until your first JSS Tripler positions are about to expire in around 75 – 81 days).

The company also gives you $10 to start off which means you start with 4 positions if you put in $30 or only 2 if you only put in $10. Once you are comfortable with the program and are happy in your own minds that this is a credible cash flow opportunity then by all means add more money.

Our sponsor has made a number of videos/ Spreadsheets to help explain Just Been Paid and as part of our down-line you have access to these, along with the free copy of “Lindas Secret Step by Step Make Money in 24 Hours PDF Guide” which is fully customisable for your own ID. This is if you want to use it to tell others and increase your càshflow even further, although this is not necessary to make a very good income.


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This is just one of several càshflow businesses that we use and we will tell you about others in the following weeks.

Remember you are responsible for your life and taking charge of your finances is a great way to start in creating the life balance that most people strive for. Once you understand the importance of creating your own steady money flow then you will be on the path of creating life balance in your finances.

John and Linda Ballis

Cashflow is critical

For more helpful tips on creating cashflow to improve your lifestyle revisit this blog regularly, or visit our other websites or and purchase our book “The Wheel of Life’s 8 Keys to Success”.