The Golden Path SECURITY Update… IMPORTANT

We are not sure if you are signed up to The Golden Path newsletter so thought we would just pass this one on.

Also, just letting you know we have just cycled our first 2nd level matrix to level 3 which means instead of $2 going into our EWallet we now have $5 going in which means our first subscription is now making us money instead of costing us. As the cycling times kept increasing we were beginning to wonder when this was going to happen, however it looks like cycling times have stabilised and maybe even starting to come down so that is good news.

As per email from The Golden Path management they are implementing extra security measures to ensure there isn’t a repeat of the website downtime that happened last month and earlier this month. Firstly the Transaction Pin was added, then the security question. Now when you login and input your username, password and turing number you are sent to a 2nd page where you are asked to input your transaction pin and another turing number. This may seem like a lot of security but remember it is being done to protect your funds and keep the program operational.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

John and Linda Ballis

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