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In our journey to diversify with online programs, our third successful program is Felmina Alliance. Our affiliate link is http://www.felmina.com/?ref=Balliscorp.

Felmina works by taking your investment monies and trading them in a wide variety of investment tools – both online and offline – to provide a yield way above the market. They employ a  team of people that are dedicated to allowing people to invest that would normally believe that investing is out of their reach. Felmina have a team of professional traders, market analysts, legal advisors, Internet security experts, and customer service representatives.

Felmina has been operating for 15 years, initially working offline.

Felmina pays 1% every weekday and you have the option of compounding your money or having it go to your EWallet. You put your money in for a fixed term of 180 days after which it is returned and the interest rate varies from 1% to 1.4% if you compound the full amount for the 180days. You can start with a smaller amount and add to your balance over time if you wish.

The minimum deposit is $20 with no maximum deposit amount.

There are other plans that pay higher returns but they have higher minimums

Available payment processors are EgoPay,  Payza, Liberty Reserve, or Perfect Money or bank wire transfer.

You get sent an email every day with the amount of interest you have earned in the preceding day and the details of your account rates and balance.

Just Been Paid, The Golden Path and Banners Broker are the first three successful programs we are working. We are also in a couple of others but am not convinced of their success yet.

As always, as your sponsors we are here to help so please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have.

John and Linda Ballis

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