JSS-Tripler – Restart Completed; Strong Growth!


Members of Just Been Paid will be aware JBP has recently completed a restart. This is what makes the program indefinitely sustainable and not a high yielding program with a very short lifespan like so many others.

The reasoning behind the restart is to transfer positions from the JSS Tripler area of Just Been Paid which is a liability to the company, as it pays 2% a day on all positions for 81 days, to JSS which is the matrix area that are assets. We have been assured this will be a benefit for us in the long run but I am still trying to understand the exact implications.

The more JSS positions you receive the faster your matrices will cycle and the faster you will be eligible for the $60 you receive when your matrix cycles.

Matrix positions may take several weeks to be placed so for now the best plan to benefit from Just Been Paid appears to keep buying as many JSS Triplers as you can afford.

Here is the official announcement that came out from Just Been Paid management

The Restart started on 7/30/12 and its
first part was completed early the
following morning. Unfortunately, it
was necessary to convert a significant
percentage of JSS-Tripler positions
for some accounts.

If your daily earnings have dropped
significantly, I sympathize with you.
Please realize that this is much better
than most high-return programs which
simply disappear with your funds when
the going gets tough.

It’s the Restarts that make our system
indefinitely sustainable:


Also realize that the Restart system is
designed so in the long run you’ll earn
even more from your extra JSS positions.

The best way to build up your earnings is
to buy JSS-Tripler positions and to sponsor
people. The best time to buy JSS-Tripler
positions is after a Restart because the
chances are very good that they’ll earn
150% before the next Restart.


As always, feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

John and Linda Ballis

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