Profit Clicking – some basic information

As people involved in JustBeenPaid are aware they have changed their name to Profit Clicking, created a new, much more professional looking, website and upgraded their IT system to include 20 new servers to speed up the whole system.

Anyone that has listened to the conference calls, particularly those held by Frederick Mann would have been aware this was on the horizon, however the exact date for this transition to take place wasn’t known until the day it happened.

When logging into the new Profit Clicking website it will be clear that it is a much better, more professional interface, even although it is not yet fully operational. At this stage you can’t buy positions or withdraw money.

All current members of JustBeenPaid will automatically be moved over to the new Profit Clicking site along with everything in their back office: all positions, all matrixes, (placed and unplaced) and all referrals. However, with over 2 million members this will take time. There is a disclaimer at the top of the page saying “Please note that some of the numbers and totals in the dashboard are not correct. We are working on getting accurate information displayed”.

The more people accept the transition for what it is and don’t create negative energy around it then the more likely the whole process will go smoothly.

When logging in through your old JustBeenPaid website you will see a new message about the change. When you click on “Check it out” you will be redirected to the new Profit Clicking website Here you can log in with the same login details and password you have been using for JustBeenPaid.

When logging into Profit Clicking for the first time you will see a disclaimer statement for Profit Clicking which you will need to tick before you can access the website. I can’t remember what was on the disclaimer for JustBeenPaid but I suspect they are similar. There is some mention of what a pyramid scheme is which has been queried by some members but it doesn’t say that Profit Clicking is a pyramid, rather I think it is an attempt to show how Profit Clicking isn’t a pyramid but that is only my take on it. You will need to decide for yourself.

I have attached a copy of the FAQ that are available at with highlights on what the name changes are and what has stayed the same.

Along with the new branding to Profit Clicking a lot of the current terminology has changed

JSS Triplers – Advertising packages of Ad packages

Matrixes – PC Panels

Advertising Credits -Impressions

Referrals – Referrals

Earnings – Earnings

To get some general information about Profit Clicking go to

If you wish to listen to the ongoing conference calls the link is,profitclicking

You can also get information as it is updated at the Facebook group.


As always, feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

John and Linda Ballis

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