The Golden Path New Compensation Plan

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Today The Golden Path management have announced their new compensation plan that has now been implemented. My first reaction was this is not good to keep changing things, particularly reducing peoples perceived earnings potential, however once I had thought it through if this makes the whole system cycle faster then this is good news for everyone. The slow cycling times is what is holding this program back and if it takes more angels to speed things along then so be it.

Realistically, even at a payout of $24 a day, if it takes 90 days to cycle 5 levels (18 days per level), which would be a cost of $$180 it would take 8 days to recoup your investment and afterwards it is all profit. In my opinion, this means it still looks like a remarkable proposition.
to the Compensation Plan
and introducing
Growth Accelerator


Today, we have made some changes that are very exciting which will
benefit the entire network. These changes will make the program even
more powerful and more profitable.

Level 5 has changed entirely into an Angel position.
Please understand – this will not damage your income expectations at all.

What will happen is Matrix 1, 2, 3, and 4 will speed up exponentially!

Cycling will speed up so fast, that the lower levels will replace the income expected from level 5!!!

Members will not lose anything. On the contrary! Cycling periods will decrease so that you will earn the same money you’re making now after a lag period of approximately 7 – 14 days! This will not only make all members businesses more profitable, but it will help the new people in level 1 – with rapid progression.

It will also help to restore confidence by causing and maintaining faster cycling times.

These changes have been implemented.  They will boost your income over time.  These changes are essential as members have not been actively enrolling new referrals and have not been activating new subscriptions.

Folks, let’s get busy. Its time to Walk the Talk. The TGP philosophy is based on helping others to break free from their fìnancìal shackles so that they too can enjoy some of the fruits of life.

We always need to think about enrolling new people.   New people are the bloodline of our business!

SO! We are also introducing an Accelerator Program which is designed to quickly multiply the membership base. This will be introduced soon and will no doubt, blow your mind. is the most powerful network in the industry. Our Members will all reach new records, so please trust the changes we have made to our formula, as we would never do anything that would harm members or the membership.

The TGP administration team will continue to work day and night, if need be, to make sure that members make a continuous income during the life of this network.  We have already paìd out over $2.4 million since our launch on the 14th April 2012 and plan on breaking many records in the future.

We plan to launch our newest network in approximately 2 to 3 months. A qualification for entering that new network will be 100 subs activated in . We encourage you to continue to activate as many subs as you can afford until you reach that qualification so you will be able to participate, on the ground floor, when we launch this powerful new business.

We promised you all that every new venture launched by us would be more powerful than the last, so fasten your seatbelts!!!

We thank you for your continued loyalty and for joining with us in our TGP community vision of People Helping People to Create Fìnancìal Fréédom!

Stan Jensen – CEO
2300hrs: Wednesday 8th August 2012
Adelaide. Australia.


As always, as your sponsors we are here to help so please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have.

John and Linda Ballis

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