The Golden Path Security Stage Three

As you are now aware there have been changes to The Golden Path compensation planBanner 1  125 x 125with the conversion of all level 5 positions to angel positions.

Although the first reaction may be that this is a negative it is actually a very fair and positive move. It actually shows a lot of strength from The Golden Path management that they are willing to make the hard decisions when there is sure to be negative feedback from people that don’t understand the consequences of inaction.

I actually have  my own spreadsheet that I use to estimate Golden Path cashflow and providing the cycling times reduce to 14-20 days from the current 40 days then the returns will be 2/3 more, even without level 5 payments. The people that will miss out are the people that are currently already on level 5 but as Jason said on yesterdays conference call they are happy to bear the wrath of people that are already earning large incomes to make sure it is redistributed to the people that are just starting out as the most important consideration in keeping the program growing is making level 1 cycle as fast as possible. Also remember each of us starts out each day with each $2 sub, so everyone will benefit.

Although the changes have initially caused the program to slow down and cycling times to increase for 7 – 14 days, once the reprogramming changes are complete the cycling times are expected to decrease across all levels as below.

Level 1:   33%

Level 2:   16.5%

Level 3:   8.25%

Level 4:   4.125 %

Level 5:   2.6 %
This will have the effect of having level 1 cycle within 15 days and as a result your account will become neutral then positive in a shorter period. This should mean the original estimate of $60 to fund a position will go back to being twice as much as is needed instead of not being enough, as is currently the case.

Another change that has been brought in is that the $3000 a day cap no longer includes commission earnings from people you have sponsored but only includes earnings from your actual subscriptions.  This means you can now make an unlimited amount of money with The Golden Path.

The 100 subscriptions is certainly something we can all aim for to enable us to move to level 2 when it is released. This will not be too difficult when the program starts cycling at 15 days. Withdrawing half of your daily earnings and reinvesting the remainder will quickly get you there.

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Please make sure you have already done Stage One (1) and Stage (2)
NOW you need to DO Stage Three (3)

Stage Three (3)


DIRECT access to Ezybonds Ezy Support  is within  support portal.   Just Click on this button.




All three (3) payment processors may now be added for withdrawals. Payza, Solid Trust Pay, and Ezybonds.

Payza – Enter email address; OR  the word NONE
Solid Trust Pay – Enter User Name;  OR the word NONE
Ezybonds – Enter Account ID Number; OR the word NONE

DO NOT leave any payment processors blank.

Once selected, they will be locked and cannot be changed.


The Golden Path’s Terms and Conditions have changed. They have been changed so as to protect as well as our members. Please take time to read and understand its contents. The Terms and Conditions contain information that you need and must adhere to as a member of


Effective Immediately
Withdrawals and Transfers can only be made after the Member Identification Process has been completed.
ID documents are to be uploaded from within Your Profile.

1. Please provide both:

A) Passport
B) Drivers License
Either A) or B) above

Together with one of the following which must show your residential address:

C) Phone Account
D) Electricity Account
E) Gas Account
F) A Government or Major Institution Issued Document which shows your residential address.

2. If you have registered in The Golden Path as a Business, a Company or Legal Entity, you will also be expected to produce proof that the Business, Company or Legal Entity exists. Please provide documents from your  Governments  Regulatory Body that provides Legal ID like:

G) Legal Registration Certificate for Business, Company or Legal Entity – which shows ID NUMBER and Registered Address.

7.4 These documents must be legible and clearly readable when scanned and uploaded. If we cannot read them, they will be rejected and your account will be frozen until satisfactory documents have been received.

This Concludes Stage Three

 We are counting on you
for your partnership during this exercise.

Thank you for your Attention
and Assistance!
Stan Jensen – CEO
Monday 13th August 2012
Adelaide. Australia

As always, as your sponsors we are here to help so please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have.

John and Linda Ballis

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