Banners Broker Macros

As part of our ongoing strategy to build our Banners Broker business we are concentrating on building up our yellow and purple panels.  Our aim is to have at least 100 yellow and 100 purple panels operating as these are the ones that double the fastest.

Banners Broker actually has a safety mechanism in place that is a macro system. This means you are only able to buy a certain number of panels of one colour without buying panels of higher colours.  This means people that are building their accounts faster actually have to work with different coloured panels which complete in different time frames rather than only having yellow panels which complete the fastest. This is how Banners Brokers limits the speed of growth of individual accounts to make the program fairer for everyone.

We came upon this issue recently when we had 5 panels to qualify on one day and we had enough traffic to qualify the panels but when we tried to qualify the first panel we received the message

“You have met your limits for this colour and can’t activate more of this colour.”

This is the macro section of the program and the figures are shown underneath each individual panel colour.

The reason for this can be seen in the picture above where the number underneath the yellow panel is only 2,500. You actually nee 5,000 traffic hits to qualify a yellow panel.

What you have to do when you are in this situation is to combine 3 of your yellow panels into 1 purple panel. This is called rolling up your panels and this option is available under the tab “Manage Inventory”.  When you roll up 3 yellow panels into 1 purple panel and you qualify the purple panel you then receive 10,000 points underneath your yellow panel tab, which allows you to qualify 2 more yellow panels.

This same scenario works for each colour and following this strategy is the best way to build up your number of panels from yellow through to black.


This shows you how many lower coloured panels you can qualify  when you qualify a higher coloured panel, i.e. if you  buy a green panel (for instance) you can then qualify 1 green, 2 blue, 4 purple and 8 yellow (as long as you have the traffic to do so).

Once you understand this section of the program (and this is probably the most difficult concept)  then you will really be able to build your Banners Broker business.  In a few short months you will be amazed at the amounts in your EWallet. Like most businesses, it just takes a little patience and understanding in the initial building stages.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

John and Linda Ballis
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