Downtimes with online Programs

Recently we have been involved in a number of online programs. All these programs use Payment Processors in one form or another to fund them.

Over the last few weeks we have had each of the programs and each of the Payment Processors experience downtime with websites not working. This has led to a number of people instantly becoming negative and accusing the programs of being scams. This constant negative criticism is something some people use as a scare tactic to frighten others.

All people have a different life journey and everyone has different levels of knowledge, experience and awareness, including financial awareness. This life experience will lead to different reactions to circumstances that arrive.

For instance, part of our online strategy is to diversify over a number of programs. Even if we feel that one particular program is a fantastic opportunity (which we actually believe with all the programs we currently recommend) we still do not put all our money into one program. This way, when one particular program or Payment processor has an issue with some downtime then there are still others that are working. This has a very positive psychological effect and tends to make you feel there is a temporary glitch going on rather than everything is going wrong.

In our opinion it is not such an issue that these programs have problems, it is more of an issue how the owners of the programs deal with the issues. We are actually very pleased and confident with the way that each of the leaders of the programs we are involved with hare working to fix the various problems.

It is much better to have a program go offline while website issues are fixed than to have the programs disappear altogether which is what has happened to many online programs. This applies equally if the program is being rebranded, moving to new servers or eliminating the damaging effects of hackers.

Life will always present you with problems – that is how you learn and grow. One of the reasons all these programs have problems is because of their exponential growth as more and more people are working to rebalance the wealth of the world.

Most of the programs we are involved in have had to upgrade their hardware capabilities by adding more servers to increase their processing speed to accommodate the new members. They have also updated their websites. Anyone that has done any programming or even just used WordPress to put up blogs knows that reprogramming can be a major process and the smallest mistake can throw everything off. Sometimes it takes a long time to find the root cause of the problem, but if you are only fixing symptoms you will never really solve the problem..

There are too many Chicken Little’s out there complaining that the sky is falling, rather than asking themselves why they are really being so negative. After all, it is how you react to and learn from your experiences in life that are really important.

People may remember the story of “Chicken Little” who ran around saying “The Sky is falling” and trying to scare everyone when what had actually happened was an acorn had fallen from a tree and hit him on the head, (falling acorns are a natural daily occurrence in nature, not the end of the world). The moral of the story is a warning to not blindly believe everything you are told.

Think for yourself and do your own due diligence with every program you go into.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

John and Linda Ballis

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