First Purple Panel Doubles and Traffic Packs

Our first purple panel has now doubled in Banners Broker. Purple panels cost $30 and double in value to $60. This panel took 41 days so took twice as long as the yellow panels, however , as the panels doubled from $30 to $60 the finished value of the panels was more than double.

It is actually very satisfying to log in to your Banners Broker account and see movement on your panels nearly every day. In fact sometimes nothing happens for several days but then there is a big jump, so it all evens out.

As the publishing section of the Banners Broker website works with a product that is “Website traffic” it is unpredictable. As you know sometimes everyone decides to look at the same webpage and then the traffic to that page goes up. If your add is on that page then your panels will move much faster than if your panels have been placed on a page with less traffic. This means that 1 panel may complete at a very different rate to another panel in your account. The length of time for any panel to complete is always an average.

As part of our team strategy to build our Banners Broker business we decided to purchase extra panels after the purchase of our initial green pack.

We are now at the stage where we need traffic to qualify these panels so we needed to purchase a traffic pack which gives you 100,000 traffic hits to qualify your panels. This is now a monthly subscription of $50 a month. Your traffic pack subscription needs to be paid manually on the same day of each month.

Different coloured panels require different amounts of traffic to qualify them in order for them to start to earn you money.

When you get traffic through the traffic pack it becomes general traffic and can be used to qualify any coloured panel that you currently have.

The sales credits shown in the above picture, on the right are a result of people you have placed underneath you buying panels.

Here is the amount of traffic needed to qualify each panel to start it earning money. This traffic can come from general traffic you received from purchasing traffic packs or it can come from sales credits from you sponsoring people into the business.


If you are part of our Banners Broker team and have started your Banners Broker business with $500 then you know you are recommended to purchase a traffic pack  early on in your journey. You actually don’t need to use these hits while you have the original qualified panels you receive from your original package purchase. However, you will need them when you start needing to qualify panels.

If you look at the previous picture showing the traffic needed for each coloured panel you will notice that by the time you need to qualify a green panel or above you need more hits than available from 1 traffic pack, so it is a good idea to plan ahead and purchase your traffic packs early and the hits will be available when you need them.

Of course, if you sponsor people you will also have sales credits available to help you qualify your panels.

If you have not already started your Banners Broker journey and you now see what a good opportunity it is just click here to start your own journey.

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As always, feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

John and Linda Ballis

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