First Yellow Panel Doubles in Value with Banners Broker

As part of our strategy to have several cashflow programs working to diversify and safeguard future earnings we are working with Banners Broker.  Banners Broker has several sections with it and the publishing section consists of various coloured panels that come in varying costs with varying times taken to complete.

The consistent factor in all panels is they all double in value so your money will double in 3 weeks or 2 months or six months, depending on which panel/s you buy.
The different panels are symbolised with different colours with yellow being the cheapest panel to purchase at $10. Our first yellow panel actually completed in 22 days meaning our first $10 turned into $20 in 22 days.

As part of the original package we purchased the original yellow panel was already qualified so we didn’t need to buy any extra traffic to qualify it.
Also with your original panels the transfer and lock buttons will be automatically greyed out. Later on when you have panels that need qualified these buttons will be blue and you will need to click on the blue lock button (we will explain more about this later on).

This original panel was set to 100% repurchase settings which meant when it was completed it automatically produced 2 new panels in my account. When you purchase a package these 2nd 2 panels also come qualified.  These 2nd 2 panels completed in 24 days.


After the first panel is completed you have the option of choosing repurchase rate of 100% or 50%. The general strategy we recommend on our team is keep all panels at 50% except for the 10th panel on each page which gets set at 100%.

When set to 50% this means that when a panel expires 1 new panel will be produced and the value of the panel will be placed in your EWallet. This means you have money in your EWallet to pay for monthly subscriptions and traffic packs when needed. This money in your EWallet is also available to withdraw from the programs as your income.

By setting a panel at 100% you will get 2 new panels when the first one is completed but no money in your EWallet. This allows your number of panels to grow faster but this needs to be balanced with keeping the required amount of money in your EWallet.

The only variation in the above recommended strategy is with yellow panels you can set a larger percentage of them to 100% in order to grow your business faster if you wish.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

John and Linda Ballis

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