ProfitClicking now paying on transferred AdPacks

ProfitClicking have just made the announcement that AdPacks that have been transferred from the old JustBeenPaid system will now start earning their daily earnings. However, they have also announced that these transferred positions will only be paid 10 cents daily rather than 20 cents daily.

New positions that are bought in ProfitClicking will still earn 20 cents daily. It is only the AdPacks that have been transferred from the old JustBeenPaid system.

What this means is that transferred AdPacks will still earn $15 on the initial investment of $10 but it will happen over a longer period of time. On average, new AdPacks will now expire in 88 days and old AdPacks will now expire in 176 days.

This is a temporary situation as ProfitClicking gets off the ground again after their offline period as they completed their transfer. Once the advertising rate picks up from new advertisers and new people joining ProfitClicking it is envisaged that all old positions will return to paying 20 cents a day.

Nothing in life ever stays the same. After all the only guarantee in life is that things will change. The important thing to keep in mind is how that change is dealt with.

People can look at the changes to ProfitClicking in 2 ways, either negatively and only see the downside of the new system or they can accept the situation (which can’t be changed anyway) and realise that

  • ProfitClicking is taking measures to make sure the program will survive long term
  • It will be longer between ProfitShifts (Restarts)
  • 1% a day return on your money is still far better than you will get from any bank
  • You are still earning 20 cents a day on any positions bought in the new ProfitClicking system.
  • Eventually all your AdPAcks will be in the new system as your old AdPacks expire.

Anyone that has been watching the transition of ProfitClicking from JustBeenPaid has probably been frustrated with the seemingly slow progress. However, this progress will only seem slow from anyone on the outside that is not actually doing the work. Anyone that has worked as a programmer or tried to migrate a program with data from one system to another will be aware of what a slow and painstaking process it really is.

Although I am not privy to what is actually going on behind the scenes in Profit Clicking I suspect the move was initiated earlier than the team desired to make sure the program remained compliant with new laws that are being brought in to govern the online cashflow industry. Again, I don’t have concrete evidence but I suspect there are people that are worried about the possible transfer of wealth from very few to a much larger population of people. Naturally, these people in power will try to stop this transfer by bringing pressure on governments to introduce new laws.

Of course we must not forget that there are also a lot of sharks on the internet that start up online programs that run for a few weeks or months then the close down and the owners disappear with any remaining funds in the program. Let us just be thankful ProfitClicking isn’t one of them.

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John and Linda Ballis

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