Why Getting in Early Makes Dollars and Sense

You may or many not know that, World Consumer Alliance (WCA) is in their  SOFT Launch phase… Yes we…. got in early!!!! We saw a unique opportunity with a new company, with leaders who are very….. Experienced Passionate Innovative With Great Communication skills. And a vision that eclipses most other On-Line Businesses   Right Now….

Some Diversional Therapy

Just a little bit of a heads up and some diversional therapy while we are waiting for the WCA turbo charged site to kick back in on their pre-launch on November 8. Here is another nice revenue sharing program we have been keeping an eye on, it pay to 5 levels deep, it has an …

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WCA Virtual Bank Account and Global e-Commerce Card

  THE NEW PORTABLE CASH CARD (Debit) IS HERE!!!!!!   This is the ultimate commission payment solution and is now provided by WCA!   It is a combination MasterCard, which is available to make purchases at all stores, ATM’s and online places worldwide that MasterCard is accepted, as well as a EWallet and bank account …

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4 Simple Steps to Success in Passive-Type Online Programs

 1) Get in early  2) Get your initial funds out asap  3) Profit from what is left!!  4) Diversify your capital and income…  Join a number of Varied Programs! Never put all your money in one program no matter how good it appears to be.   Visit our website www.freedomwithcashflow/members to see the programs we are currently involved in.

Do You Know the Traits of Successful Business People?

Successful businesspeople have many traits in common with one another. They are confident and optimistic. They are disciplined self starters. They are open to any new ideas which cross their path. Here are five traits of the successful entrepreneur. 1. Discipline These individuals are focused on making their businesses work, and eliminate any hindrances or …

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WCA announces half time break

Today, 22nd October 2012, WCA announced that they are suspending the purchase and earnings from their Advertising Package until 8th November when they will officially enter their pre-launch phase of the WCA business. You will continue to have access to the existing website and partial functionality including sign-ups, however no purchases or withdrawals can be …

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Getting Started in Banners Broker

It is very easy to get started in Banners Broker. In order to make it even easier please watch this short video that has been made by Lourens, one of our  team leaders, which he recorded to explain the steps to getting started.     If you are ready to join Banners Broker now just …

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Profit Clicking is the answer for the 98%!

Profit Clicking is your answer! Did you know that only about 2% ever succeed with business on the internet? The majority spend lots of money, and often end up losing most of it. The good news is that Profit Clicking was specifically designed for the other 98%! By simply clicking a few websites a day on the …

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Our Felmina Progress

We have had some money in Felmina for more than 2 months now. Every work day we receive an email with the amount of interest that has been credited to the account, like clockwork. Felmina works by you depositing an amount of money for a 6 month period, then they pay you an interest payment …

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Are You Ready to Take the One Million Dollar Challenge?

  Have you ever worked with a company that was so sure of their commitment to your financial success, they created an indefinitely sustainable system and then offered a million dollars if you could prove them wrong? For most people the answer to this question would be a resounding “NO”. However, with Profit Clicking, the company …

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