WCA announces half time break

Today, 22nd October 2012, WCA announced that they are suspending the purchase and earnings from their Advertising Package until 8th November when they will officially enter their pre-launch phase of the WCA business. You will continue to have access to the existing website and partial functionality including sign-ups, however no purchases or withdrawals can be made until November 8.


This is actually a great time to position yourself and build yourself a team.
This pre-launch will continue for 3 months and the official launch of WCA business will take place on 8 – 10 February 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

WCA was launched on 17th August 2012 with a “soft launch” to see if the general public believed that the WCA business proposal had viability in the marketplace. It was expected that the system would attract around 1,000 people and as such the software system was designed to cater for double that amount, i.e. 15 – 20,000 affiliates.


The business model proved to be so popular that within 5 weeks there were 30,000 affiliates and within 6 ½ weeks the number of WCA affiliates was approaching 100,000 consumer affiliates.


Due to this massive increase in people that could see the potential of the WCA business the software system ground to a halt. The software was expanded to its maximum capability over several weeks but it was not able to be extended any more.


The management team at WCA therefore had to take some tough decisions and decided it was a better scenario for all, to call a temporary halt while the system was upgraded and a new, more robust software system and website was implemented. This is expected to take about 2 weeks and the new upgraded system and website will be up and operational by November 8 at 12 noon pst. Many things need to be done during this 2 weeks including 80,000 plus records with email lists, companies rolling out within the system, plus all the data . This will all have a big impact on the movement of money.


As anyone that has been on the WCA conference calls will be aware the CEO of WCA, Blaine Williams was a football coach for many years and he likens the hiatus to a “half-time” break where all team members and coaches take a break and reflect on what has worked well and what hasn’t worked as well. This is also a time to prepare and plan for the next stage of growth.


Not everyone is able to handle a pre-launch period of a business’s growth which is designed to sort out all the kinks in a program/ business. This is a period of uncertainty and change but is also the period of greatest growth. People that get into a business early on and are at the top of the company, have the potential of making the most money but along with that is the necessity of growing and stretching through all the changes that need to occur to make the business a long-term viable one.


During the downtime period of WCA there will be daily calls (except Sunday) that will keep people updated on what is happening as well as letting people know what future directions the WCA business is planning to take.
When the pre-launch occurs on 8thNovember there will be additional incomes streams included with more launched every 6 -8 weeks. There will also be a complete support staff available, in the WCA Corporate office, which will be available from 7am to late at night to cater for international members.


If you wish to listen to the complete call of this announcement go to 22nd October WCA Conference call


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