WCA Virtual Bank Account and Global e-Commerce Card




This is the ultimate commission payment solution and is now provided by WCA!


It is a combination MasterCard, which is available to make purchases at all stores, ATM’s and online places worldwide that MasterCard is accepted, as well as a EWallet and bank account combined. This means the card can be loaded with cash and used in over 50,000 locations.


The card is an innovative and flexible way to access and handle your WCA commissions with many added benefits and features.


It is designed to speed up all WCA payments going forward and help set a standard of payments going out.


The card has no interest charges and is insured by the FDIC.


You will have the option to make unlimited bill payments directly from the money available on your card.


You can sign up for a companion card for family members, even those in different countries. This then allows you the freedom to transfer money to them, even in other currencies.


You can receive email or SMS alerts when any transactions are made to the card.


When the card is used to make purchases from the WCA mall (coming soon) you will receive rebates directly to the card.


The card operates as a bank account that is available 24/7 and can be loaded with up to $10,000 a day from any source.


The initial, and once only registration Fee is only $29.95


To Register NOW For Global e-Commerce Card /Virtual bank Account : Click Here

The link to go to is http://apcs.biz.

•World Wide Acceptance

•Access to Cash Worldwide

•24/7 Account Access

•Unlimited Bill Payments

•Email and Wireless Alerts

•No Interest Charges

•FDIC Insured

•Use Your Card at Stores, ATM’s and Online

•Once loading of funds is triggered in the system it takes 24 hours before they become available on your card.


TRANSACTIONS AND BALANCE LIMITS ON YOUR CARD e-MoneyCard Prepaid MasterCards Maximum Daily Cash Load / Limit – $10,000


* Virtual Bank Account with multiple functions

* Cash Back Feature

* And More ………


Initial registration Fee is only $29.95


To Register NOW For Global e-Commerce Card /Virtual bank Account : Click Here

The link to go to is http://apcs.biz to receive your new WCA Debit Card.


WCA will also show you how to maximize the use of this card for discounts, rebates and even a voluntary retirement plan.


Why not shop and get paid for things that you were going to buy anyway. The money that comes in from the shopping mall, goes right into the revenue share pool, helping everyone make more money.


If you wish to listen to the complete call of this information go to 29th October WCA Conference call


As always, feel free to contact us if you have any queries.


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