Why Getting in Early Makes Dollars and Sense

You may or many not know that, World Consumer Alliance (WCA) is in their  SOFT Launch phase…

Yes we…. got in early!!!!

We saw a unique opportunity with a new company,

with leaders who are very…..

  • Experienced
  • Passionate
  • Innovative
  • With Great Communication skills.
  • And a vision that eclipses most other On-Line Businesses


Right Now….

They are gearing up for their PRE Launch on November 8th, 2012.

So this mean for those of you that have joined us and 100,000 other new members in the past 2 months are now in the….


This is a unique opportunity  you DO NOT want to waste.

The New Robust System will be implemented shortly, along with many other exciting features, including a new Compensation Plan.

If you are already a member of WCA stay plugged into the ‘daily‘ calls for all the details.

In the meantime, you can  log into your WCA back office.
Read all the information on the ‘HOME” Page for answers to many of the questions that are asked in the new WCA Skype Rooms.

For current members also, be sure to go to the “Purchase Package” Page…

To order your New WCA Debit Card.

Click here  ->  http://apcs.biz


Included on that page is the form for Affiliates to fill out and opt-in to receive company emails.
So, for those of you not receiving emails, be sure to add your information there.
Don’t forget, this is the time to ‘Recruit and Build’.  “Those with the Most Outlets, Wins”!
Here is a link to Last Saturdays Important WCA Conferance Call.
It is definitely worth spending the time listening to

WCA Forum…..
Get ALL the needed access below..!.

WCA has put up a forum where you can easily access

Q & A’s as well as access the latest RECORDINGS of

their weekly calls…
Many of them also have transcriptions which are also helpful, but listening to the speakers will give you a feel for the excellent management team behind this business.
….. do listen to the recording of Monday and Thursday’s AS WELL

All the information is in there:
http://wcaforums.netsagas.com/ mybb
If you are not already a member of WCA you can join for F*REE

 Join WCA Here
If you have not already downloaded your WCA PDF then

Go here….

Wishing you all a fantastic week.


Remember you can adjust this PDF for yourself once you are a member of our team.
As always, feel free to contact us if you have any queries.


John and Linda Ballis
Email: cashflowlb2012@gmail.com
Skype: linda.ballis


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