An interview with H J Doc, Vice President of ProfitClicking

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We had the amazing opportunity to talk with one of the most important pieces of the Profit Clicking puzzle, its vice-president who goes by the name H J Doc.


As Profit Clicking becomes more and more popular, not to mention ubiquitous, we decided to ask all the questions that potential and actual PC members should know the answers to: from the mysterious algorithm through the as anticipated as feared restart to what’s going on with the legendary Frederick Mann, and many, many more…


Money-Monitor: How does it feel to be involved in one of the most popular Internet projects?

ProfitClicking: I feel it an honor to have a part in a project that helps so many people around the world. I also feel a great responsibility to provide the best experience possible.

Money-Monitor: Do you feel like Profit Clicking is making a difference in the “earning money online” world?

ProfitClicking: Absolutely… Yes!


Money-Monitor: Let’s say I’m a complete newbie when it comes to earning money online. What would you say is the most important thing I should learn?

ProfitClicking: The most important thing to learn is “Systems Succeed Where People Fail.” Success comes through learning the system and following the steps outlined in the system. Once a person is familiar with the system the next important step is commitment to work the system, be consistent. The commitment is connected to the goal. For example, some goals require daily action and others require less.


Money-Monitor: And how about Profit Clicking? What are the basics that a newcomer should get to understand as soon as possible?

ProfitClicking: The Basics in Profit Clicking are simple… There are Two Ways to benefit financially… The first one is to join the system and purchase “Ad Packs.” Members potentially receive $.20 per weekday and $.10 on weekends for each ad pack purchased. Qualification for Daily Sales Commissions on Ad Packs is simple: view the minimum of three websites a day in our Traffic Exchange. Secondly, find others to do the same: Profit Clicking offers a generous referral bonus for each Ad Pack purchased by members you invite. Currently the bonus is $1 on every Ad Pack purchased by your personal referral and $.50 on every Ad Pack purchased by your referrals referral. As our sales volume increases the potential for Commissions and Referral Bonuses also increases since commissions and referrals come from sales volume in the system.


Money-Monitor: And your own personal piece of advice?

ProfitClicking: My personal advice… When I look at the global economics, I see the masses struggling financially. Profit Clicking provides a simple, effective, fun way to make money online. I encourage members to share Profit Clicking ever day. Profit Clicking makes it easy by providing the first $10 value so members can begin the process without using their own money. You can “Test Drive” Profit Clicking on us and experience for yourself how easy it is to see the results immediately.


Money-Monitor: There have been many rumors and speculations regarding Frederick Mann’s involvement in Profit Clicking and, as far as we know, he has supported some of PC’s statements. Could you tell us if he’s still involved with PC? And do you know if he approves of the way his project is being continued?

ProfitClicking: Frederick Mann has retired to focus his attention on other projects. However, he was very clear on his expectations with the migration process and has provided oversight to make sure the migration is completed correctly. Although Profit Clicking is now owned by a Global Holdings Company, Frederick is still a “Independent Business Owner, IBO” and retained the option to promote Profit Clicking as an IBO. Although I can’t speak for him as to whether he approves or disapproves of specific situations, I do know that he has and continues to provide oversight until all his requirements have been met. To my knowledge he was consulted in selecting every key leadership staff member and has supported the migration process. He is also developing additional products and services that will be available to Profit Clicking members in the future.


Money-Monitor: Could you tell our readers how exactly PC functions on a day-to-day basis? How many people are involved in the project?

ProfitClicking: We have a staff of several hundred and growing. We meet daily with our Department Directors to track the development of key components, identify internal issues with hardware, software, customer service and member support, training and other items that need attention. We prioritize each item and alocate the necessary resources needed to address each item. Our daily staff functions are very similar to what you would expect to see with any Global Corporate Entity.


Money-Monitor: And who is “the boss”? 🙂 Who represents PC?

ProfitClicking: We have an “Executive Team” responsible to complete the agreement between Frederick Mann and the Global Holdings Company, develop additional components outlined by the Global Holdings Company and Manage the day to day requirements needed to support this Massive Global Organization called Profit Clicking. The staff report to the Executive Team. The Executive Team is “The Boss.”


Money-Monitor: Are you planning on opening your non-virtual offices somewhere? Or send your representatives to some particular countries?

ProfitClicking: Our goal is to provide the Profit Clicking opportunity to as many people around the world as possible. Since we are dealing with many countries, cultures, languages etc., we’ve found that the Virtual Office has served us better. I’m not aware of any immediate plans to open a non-virtual office but if and when it becomes necessary we will address it then.


Money-Monitor: And which country would you call your biggest “fan base”?

ProfitClicking: Hmmm… I know we have strong followings in many countries. Europe, Africa, United States, Mexico, Canada all have strong representation in our membership base. I’d prefer to say we have “Fans and Favorites” all around the world. I don’t want to exclude any country as a favorite because so many countries have people who need what we have to offer.


Money-Monitor: Could you shed some light on the big numbers, namely the advertisers? How many advertisers have come to you with an offer? We’d just like to know how does the system work, as seen from your perspective.

ProfitClicking: The Traffic Exchange is operational and providing a great service. However, there are still some key components we want completed before we launch our “Corporate Advertising Campaign.” The Profit Clicking Traffic Exchange will absolutely attract large corporate advertising clients because Profit Clicking delivers “Live Visitors.” As Profit Clicking continues to grow our Traffic Exchange provides millions of “Live Website Views” daily and that’s something many organizations are looking for.


Money-Monitor: Now, let’s consider the worst case scenario: what’s going to happen with the users’ funds if PC’s marketing strategy does not work the way it’s supposed to? What happens when there aren’t enough deposits to cover the payouts?

ProfitClicking: Obviously that’s a scenario that we hope never happens. With the current trends we are seeing I believe it’s working and will continue to do so. To say anything more at this time would be speculation on my part. I can say that we have a TEAM of experts that would address such a scenario if it were to present itself.


Money-Monitor: But how about the algorithm? How would it “react” in such a situation?

ProfitClicking: The algorithm we have actually provides many options to prevent such a scenerio… It’s part of what makes Profit Clicking indefinitely sustainable. However, I’m not authorized to give out specifics on how the proprietary algorithm works… Obviously it’s a very protected component in the Profit Clicking code.


Money-Monitor: I understand that… Coming back to the worst case scenario – does PC have some kind of reserve fund set aside for any contingencies, any random events?

ProfitClicking: I do know there are reserves and contingencies in place. I don’t have any specifics that I can share. We have a department responsible for identifying risks and proposing solutions to correct worst case scenarios before they happen. Potential risks with payment processors, compliance, technology issues, server vulnerabilities, global economic changes, security, online reputation and other risks are monitored everyday. Data collected is then used to develop contingencies as needed.


Money-Monitor: When it comes to the issues that our readers complain about the most, PC’s support system is surely one of them. According to our readers, sometimes PC’s support is not quick enough and then they use Money-Monitor’s assistance. We report the problems to you and then are analyzed by a PC’s representative. Will this practice continue?

ProfitClicking: I do know there have been issues with Customer Service and I apologize. Our Customer Service support areas were not adequate to meet members needs. We have significantly expanded customer service in several ways. Our Ticketing System is much better, more support staff has been added and members now rate customer services responses which we use to upgrade our service. We’ve seen the average response time significantly drop, the accuracy of the response improved and members approval rating significantly improved. This is a priority area which is being improved daily. We certainly welcome any feedback you can offer and apologize for any trouble this has caused you.


Money-Monitor: Another problem that has been brought to our attention many times is the wait, which we also experienced firsthand as we waited two weeks for one of our withdrawals. How come one has to wait so long for the payouts? Why is this happening? There have been some speculations that it’s because of some problems with PC’s financial liquidity. Can you address this issue?

ProfitClicking: Yes… There were significant issues with the withdrawal process performing as expected. Our goal was to make the withdrawal process more user-friendly than what was used in Just Been Paid and it didn’t happen. This has also been addressed in multiple ways. We are launching a new withdrawal process mid November which will process new withdrawal requests each day, AND process older requests currently in the queue until everything is current.


Money-Monitor: Talking about current – many users complain that the ad packages charges are not working in a systematic manner. What’s the reason for that and is there a chance it will be working correctly?

ProfitClicking: I’m not aware of any current issues with the ad packs… I do know there was a delay with earnings being posted in the money monitor section in the members area and we have also addressed that. We are moving to an “Immediate Pay” calculation that will post the “Daily Sales Commissions” within minutes of the member surfing their three websites rather than processing all calculations at the end of the day. This is a significant upgrade with the Ad Pack system.

The reason these issues came up is due to the fact that we undertook numerous upgrades simultaneously. We had to significantly upgrade server capacity, the database, key coding that communicated internally along with developing a new website and integrating all the components. I know there are occasional glitches still being worked out, but to my knowledge the key components are completed and thr current issues are minor. We do have an OPS team monitoring 24/7 and IT is notified immediately whenever corrections are needed.


Money-Monitor: The biggest problem, however, at least according to our readers, is the fact that PC seems to be having a real problem with keeping the promises as well as with meeting the deadlines. One may say that Profit Clicking is in some kind of a permanent beta state and investors keep on getting the “we’ll have it done soon” answer to their questions. Could you tell Money-Monitor readers why is that happening?

ProfitClicking: Yes… When Profit Clicking finalized the agreement to acquire Just Been Paid the expectation was to have four weeks minimum to develop the foundational upgrades, such as: servers, database, code rewrites and new website design, before the migration started. There was another large online organization based in the United States that was shut down and Just Been Paid became a new target for compliance reasons. In order to reduce liability for members and protect financial accounts immediate action was implemented literally four weeks prematurely.

This eliminated the time needed to get development completed which resulted in the “Beta” situation we’ve had. Fortunately, the compliance issues were resolved right away and Profit Clicking has been able to operate without interference. Unfortunately, it resulted in the member frustration we’ve had. I invite all concerned parties to consider this: in the past, when an organization reached significant challenges similar to what Profit Clicking was experiencing they would simply shut down and the members would lose everything… With Just Been Paid and Profit Clicking that was not an option. Although the migration has been a challenge, the members value has remained intact and we’re working through the challenges.


Money-Monitor: I see, thank you for explaining that. However, the problem we have just discussed seems to have a real impact on the way PC is perceived by the users, which is why you have been getting some really bad press lately. How PC is planning on rebuilding its reputation?

ProfitClicking: While it is true that Profit Clicking has received some bad press it’s also true that Profit Clicking has enjoyed some incredible successes. We are confident that the corrections with withdrawal issues, member support, and completing the key components will restore the global confidence with the veterans. We have thousands of new members joining everyday who were never part of Just Been Paid and are very excited. The quality and quantity of support tools, training, affiliate websites, banner ads, analytics, updates and other components available and coming available give members the BEST potential possible. At the end of the day the most important question is… Can members achieve success with Profit Clicking? I believe the answer is YES! The best solution is millions of satisfied members and THAT is our goal.


Money-Monitor: So let’s talk about the future. The restart is going to happen in mid-November. Could you explain how is it going to be different from JustBeenPaid’s restart?

ProfitClicking: The process will be very similar… The only changes being made are what is necessary to work with the new servers and databases. We are improving the training information to give members a better understanding of what the Profit Shift is and why it is important but the process itself is a key component to longevity.


Money-Monitor: And how about the old Trippler – will it be calculated in the same way the new ones are? Also, when will people get the access to the panels? Will the old positions be working regularly?

ProfitClicking: Trippler was replaced with our Ad Packs. JBP Ad Packs are calculated differently but that can change based on Ad Pack sales volume. PC Ad Packs purchased are currently paid the same as they were in JBP. The Panels are live now and members can purchase PC Panels at will. They have similar options that were available in JBP. All old positions are still in the system and are being migrated over. We anticipate members being able to view all their older panels within a couple weeks. The Panel View system has been upgraded to provide a more user-friendly experience.


Money-Monitor: It may seem that the only way PC will survive the test of time is the idea of a restart. Is it true or do you have another plan? Or a schedule of implementing the new features?

ProfitClicking: The Profit Shift will always be an option and will be utilized as needed to ensure longevity. We have numerous additional products and services coming online that will significantly reduce the financial vulnerability of Profit Clicking and significantly increase financial strength. We hope to launch several before the end of the year.


Money-Monitor: What else can we expect from you in the future?

ProfitClicking: You can expect to see a smooth, efficient, user-friendly and lucrative opportunity. We are expanding in multiple areas to provide a financially sound, simple, user-friendly opportunity for members to make significant money online utilizing “Real Value” products and services.


Money-Monitor: We appreciate feedback just as much as you do – could you please tell us what you think about Money-Monitor?

ProfitClicking: I personally don’t have experience with Money-Monitor. However, I’ve heard from our in-house expert that your service is recognized as an industry leader. I would need to have Mike answer this question as he is much more experienced than I in this area.


Money-Monitor: Thank you for answering all our questions! It was a real pleasure speaking with you.

ProfitClicking: Thank You. It has been my pleasure and I hope to have the opportunity to chat again in the future.


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