Profitclicking now paying 3% per day

You know we often say this…..  ( yes we’re having a little chuckle while typing this)

This weeks Profit Clicking call is a “must listen too” call.

Here’s WHY!!!

We want YOU to find out for yourself  how to…….

Earn 3% on your Ad packages!!!!

Y..E..S..       3% per day…...

Click the link below to download the MP3 of the call and listen to it ASAP!!

 Here is a summary of the call…

·         The Profit Shift is currently under way!

·          Special Promotion – 3% daily earnings promotion. Starting tomorrow.  All new ad packages purchased will qualify for the 3%. This is only available on new funds added to your account.

The 3% is only paid on new ad packs with NEW MONEY DEPOSITED!!!

And we get paid  the 3% per day until the end of November….. 

then daily payments go back to normal. 2% M-F and 1% on weekends

·         PC Panels – Placement being processed now (no ETA as yet to completion), purchasing of new panels is a GO right now!!

 ( We don’t recommend it as a strategy)

·         Around Nov. 19th – Starts the new withdrawal process... via  a new withdrawal queue they have developed

·         New withdrawals requests to be paid in 48 hours.

·         Doc said we can add new withdrawal requests to the new 48 hour queue, in addition to  any pending withdrawal in the current queue. These queues will run together.

The initial system was not working at the best possible speed so we corrected them. Please do not go and cancel existing requests and redo them as this will only slow down the system.

·         PP withdrawal Limits of $250 is still in place and they will lift it when they can. No ETA

·         Daily earnings from the 7th November will be paid after the Profit-shift is complete.

The “catch-up” daily earnings payment will be calculated on the Ad packs you would have had up to the commencement of the profit shift and not after.. unlike last time.

So this is a good thing as we all have not been paid for 8 days.. but we will get this after the profit-shift is over.


As your upline we are here to help and as always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any queries.


John and Linda Ballis
Freedom with Cashflow


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