SolidTrustPay – Funding options for Aussies….

If you’re an Aussie and use Solid Trust Pay (STP)… then please read this.

Here are proven and recommend methods for funding your STP account, using your bank account or cash. It is a better option than using credit cards.


1. You can do an online instant transfer from inside your SolidTrust Account.  Click on My Money/Deposit Money (choose AUD) and choose the Real Time Bank Transfer option.

2. Members in Australia can do a walk in cash deposit at their local bank or send funds right from their online bank accounts without even having to leave home.  Here are the instructions:

NOTE – please be sure to ONLY use the currency option for the currency you wish to use. In other words…do not provide the bank with the $USD currency info if you are giving them $AUD.

If you already have $USD in hand…use the $USD info.  If you have $AUD to send, then use the $AUD info.

Internet Banking
Log on to your Internet banking service, quoting the following bank account details.

$AUD Currency ONLY
* Bank Name:   National Australia Bank
* Account Name: Technocash Limited
* BSB: 082-330
* Account Number: 589695385
* Address: 28 George St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia
DEPOSIT REFERENCE :  “your username”

$USD Currency ONLY
* Bank Name: Westpac Banking Corporation
* Swift Code: WPACAU2SXXX
* BSB number: 034-702
* Account Number: 231546
* Account Name: Technocash Limited
* Address: Cnr Church & George St, Parramatta NSW 2150 Australia
DEPOSIT REFERENCE : “your username”

Transfer any amount of funds to cover your needs but remember there is a $5 fee.

NOTE – if you send in AUD currency, your funds will go into your AUD balance in your SolidTrust account.  You can instantly convert to USD via your MY MONEY/EXCHANGE MONEY area.


Walk into any bank branch and deposit funds over the counter using the above information and allowing for the $5 admin fee.

Your deposit arrives within 48 hours and appears in your SolidTrust Pay account ready to use. Please allow for bank clearance times.

Transfer amount is limited to $5000 AUD or USD per member per day.

IMPORTANT – after you have completed your deposit, please send an email to:  Include your STPay username and the amount of your deposit.  Be sure to put “Australia Direct Deposit” in the
email subject line.   SCAN and send your receipt so that we know who to credit the funds to when they arrive!

Thank you for being a SolidTrust member!
SolidTrust Pay Priority Support
1 705 731 0908


As always, feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

John and Linda Ballis
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