WCA Ad Packages now available for purchasing



You will be pleased to know that you can now purchase your ad packs in WCA. You have the options of using Solid Trust Pay or cashier’s check / money order to deposit money and you can repurchase using money from your unpaid balance that you may have still had in the system.

You will also need to fill out a tax form which you can get at http://wcanews.weebly.com/w8—w9.html. This has options for both US residents and international WCA members. This will need to be done before you can withdraw money from WCA.

Complete form online or print and fill out
Email to wcaw9@wcarev.com
PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR USER NAME (If you have already submitted your forms, no need to resubmit)

This is just another way that WCA is remaining compliant.

WCA Update!!

Well…   needless to say it’s been a couple of very excitìng & busy weeks with WCA.


We are truly very excited about this business and that we all got in before pre-launch.




It is important to keep in mind that

we are still in pre-launch until February 8 so.….

…..things are not going to be perfect so please relax, learn, plan your business and skill-up.


We live in an Information Age….


So knowing how and where to find information is VITAL!!!





if you are a leader, want to be a leader  , or simply want to stay informed in this WCA business then……………


….make sure you get access to the WCA Skype rooms….


Contact one of the host people by adding them into your skype contacts and request to be added to the skype room for WCA and tell them you are a paid member.  Our Host people are:

David Archer-Longden – (skype) dave52005 – UK  ….

Anderson Goddard-(skype) andersongoddard1981 -Trinidad & Tobago

Angelena B – (skype) angelena.b – Canada

Cindy Rodrigues – (skype) cindyr711 – United States

Cliff Wells – (skype) cliffwells64 – United States

Kapil Bhola – (skype) kapil.bhola20 – India

Karen Brewer- (skype) easyearnings – U.S.

Michael Midyette (skype) michael.midyette1 – U.S.

Tina Brandenburg  (skype) tinabrandenburg – U.S.












*****  Paid out 7 digits in income in the first 7 weeks.

*****  We are within days and hours of Getting Paid

*****  Directory coming up –

*****  Product Training coming Up

*****  Money Coming in and Money Going Out





*****   Directory Up and running – Training on how to do ads, how to run ads, etc.

*****   Earn Money – Ability to Withdraw

*****   Weds. Call – Two Support Tools;

1)  Success Network (Téam Site, Training, ABC’s)

2)  Interactive Marketing Tools




*****   Support Staff – this week (trained)

*****   Programming Moving along

*****   Internal EWallets are up (you may not be able to see it yet, but it’s up)

*****   Currently processing Money Orders/Cashier Checks – Entering as We speak  (next 24-48 hours)

*****   STP Money going In – (Money has to be in there first), THEN AD UNITS WILL BE BACK UP AND EARNING

(Then Training)


*****   You will be able to purchasé additional ad units within the next 24-48 hours

*****   Video Training – Next 4 to 5 days  A)  Setting Ads Up  B)  Getting Ads Out for Customers and yourself.

*****   Still Adding Data and Money.  Complex System Conversion




*****  How many ads do I need to watch a day; How many ads do I need to run a day?


Activity Menu – 6 Different Activities (All in the world of Online Advertising – Considered to be Bonafide, Business Activity).

Pick from any of them throughout the month and you get points for them.  (NEED TO ACCUMULATE 10 PTS/month.)


1)   Watch 1 x 20 second ad – 1 tenth of a point., so if you watch 10 ads, you have 10 points.  Do that 10 times a month, you have 10 points.


2)   Review an ad and evaluate it and get 2.5 points


3)   Push an ad to personal contacts get a 1/4 point.  Do it 4 times, you have a point.


4)   Run an ad for a client in the basic directory (like Craigslist), get a 1/2 point for that.


5)   Make an ad Sale.  Get a FULL point for that.


6)   Pass out a DVD or send someone to the interactive video online, get 1/2 point for that.




In case anyone forgot, we are in PRE Launch.  I know many don’t understand what that means, so let me address that.
1)  Things are NOT going to be perfect

2)  No one has all the answers

3)  We are in Beta testing

4)  Patience is required

5)  There WILL be bumps and bruises.

6)  NOTHING is guaranteed

7)  We are the Pioneers

8)  Most companies pays NOTHING during PRE launch

9)  Questions regarding How, Why, What, When typically have no answers until everything gets smooths out.

10)  Only a small percentage of people have the THICK SKIN it takes during a PRE launch-It’s not for everyone

11)  If you don’t have the MENTAL TOUGHNESS and LEADERSHIP MENTALITY, then stay on the side-lines and wait for everything to be perfect!!


13)  So….In summary;  No Complaining, No Whining,  No Bashing, No Expectations, No Patience?….



ANNOUNCEMENT ……….   WCA Debit Card

THE WCA Debit Cards (FLEX branded) ARE ARRIVING.












You are going to see in our compensation plan a $50 signup fee it is not in place right now.  We are waiving that fee during the prelaunch.  It will include your website, virtual office, virtual bank account, debit card and your benefit package.


(*) (*) (*)   ANNOUNCEMENT (*) (*) (*)

<<< The NEW TRAININGS Section Password at the WCA Forums is >>>  1811&9)%$” Stv

If you copy and paste the Training password exactly as posted in here it will work for you.  (y)



Wednesday Night Conference call
14th Nov.

Mark Campese:

Creating business model that is bulletproof, legal, rock solid, compliant and
long term and will become highly profitable.

In our first 7 weeks we paid out over four million dollars. Never in the
history of a soft launch has anything like that been done. You are going
to see those records shattered as we move forward. There’s a gold rush
coming. We are creating something that is absolutely exceptional.

Blaine Williams:

We have an opportunìty to position ourselves when there is a shifting
happening from text, banner ads only and transitioning to mobile
applications and mobile advertising. We are positioning ourselves and you
to be on the next wave of online or e-commerce. WCA is the premier
socìal network based upon online advertising and E-commerce. A minimum
of 50% of our profits go into the compensation plan.

The Care and Share Compensation Plan

Mark Campese:

We wanted to build a business that will be long term and forever. Most of
the companies I’ve been involved with went away, we want to stay. We
started looking for the best attorneys. Our attorneys have been working
with us to make sure we got all of our I’s dotted and our T’s crossed and
everything is absolutely compliant and bullet proof and we are working on
this long term foundation idea of compliance and doing everything the
right way.

Blaine Williams:

We secured a relationship with Jerry Nehra and Richard Wok. We made a
decision to bring them in as our primary compliance attorneys. We felt the
need to have a powerful in house relationship where we would have a legal
counsel in house to deal with all of the issues that would be critical and
important to the day to day operations of business.

Mark Campese:

Michael McCormick with McCormick is a first class attorney and involved
and well versed with network marketing. My experience with Michael
McCormick and his téam is that they are first class, highly knowledgeable,
understanding the things that must be done. They are superb in every
area that we had to use them.

Blaine Williams:

We had a phone conversation with one of the prominent attorneys that
deals with compliance courses and he recommended Donna Marie Serritella
she has 16 plus years as a legal consultant and she worked with the finest
attorneys in the compliance industry. We brought her in house to create
an internal compliance department.

Mark Campese:

Until you are in the heat of the battle you do not know all that goes on its
quite complex. The workings in a compensation structure out there have
a lot of legal and compliancy issues. Our interface has been a process
with our attorneys and with Donna helping us to make sure every part of
this compensation structure could be bullet proof in the eyes of all the

Blaine Williams:

We spent dozens of hours with the legal counsel to make sure not only is
the plan would work and the numbers would come through and all aspects
of it would be safe and secure relative to compliance in every state and
around the world. We got an email from Richard Wok today and that our
compensation plan in its entirety is completely approved by our legal firm
and it is defendable in any court in the United States. We feel very
comfortable as in the next couple of days we start to pay you money,
build your accounts with you and start to develop a future together that
we are on the right track when it comes to the legal compliance.

Mark Campese:

We call our compensation structure the Care and Share Compensation
Plan. We have 7 key ways to benefit from the compensation structure.
1 Retail Commissions
2 Company Wide Revenue Sharing
3 Community Shared Bonus – The Field of Dreams
4 Wealth Builder Expansion Positions
5 Téam Builder Bonus
6 10% Platinum Executive Matching Bonus
7 WCA Global Benefits Package

Retail Commissions:

To be compliant a company must have non affiliate customers purchasìng and
using their services. An activity unit can lead someone to a video that
helps a small business person see the value of using our directory for
advertisement. The purchasér and the affiliate gets customer for it and
the company gets credit for it and the compliance people say it’s
wonderful. Someone can come into this company as a basic affiliate for
free. You are going to see in our compensation plan a $50 signup fee it is
not in place right now. We are waiving that fee during the prelaunch. It
will include your website, virtual office, virtual bank account, debit card
and your benefit package. Right now you can get in for free. Without
ever recruiting anybody and without making a sale they can make money.

They can go in and have someone take a look at the directory and that
person can make a purchasé. On the retail somebody that has not
purchaséd any product and has no commitment other than a free
application can make a percentage off the volume created by that client.

Activity Unit Menu

1 View 1 20 second ad
2 Review and evaluate an ad. Stamp that says RA and click on that and
you can rate the ad
3 Push ad to 3 personal contacts. Click on PA and put 3 friend’s email
4 Run a free ad for a customer which is a non-affiliate in the Basic
Directory. Let’s say you get your hair done and the stylists asks what you
do, tell them that you work with the fastest growing advertising and
e-commerce company in the world, can I give you a free ad? It’s like
running an ad on Craigslist just go in and set up the ad.
5 Make a retail sale. Sell an ad and get activity units and commission
6 Pass out interactive marketing DVD or virtual link and they have to view it

You don’t have to do them all and we give you credits. You can do 1 or 2
per day and be over your requirement.
If a basic affiliate came in and did 10 AU per month they can qualify on
the téam builder bonus and get 3.5% on people they personally enroll.

Active Affiliate just purchasés 20 BV which is $20.

Now able to get paid 3 levels and its reoccurring on every purchasé
3.5% on level 1
2.5% on level 2
1.5 % level on 3

Share in companywide revenue share

7 Company Wide Revenue Share if you have BV meaning bonus volume.
You make that BV by purchasing different products and services. Then
based on their BV account they earn from the company’s revenue every
single day based on the size of their account.

The Community Shared Bonus -Fìeld of Dreams

Monthly reoccurring subscription for a variety of products that you can
get for personal consumption or you can have subscribers. Levels are
$50, $100, $200
$50 monthly subscription gives you the following téam bonus
7% on Level 1
5% on Level 2
3% on Level 3

Wealth Builder Expansion Positions

Every person that comes into the company goes into a holding tank.
When they become part of the Field of Dreams by making a subscription
purchasé they are immediately loaded into the company’s Field of Dreams
as they come in. We will give you a part of that field we call it an affiliate
gardén. There are 8190 positions in it. Your subscription will determine
how much you will get. You will get up to $7 per position in the field. We
put a cap of $10,000 per week. In your Field of Dreams as soon as you
reach $5000 per week and keep that volume for 4 consecutive weeks you
are allowed to open another position It’s an expansion position and we
open 2 community positions with that. There is no limit to how many
expansion positions you can have. Each position can generate $10,000
per week.

10% Platinum Executive Matching Bonus

Executive Ranks
Jr. Executive
Sr. Executive

To qualify you must have a $200 reoccurring subscription
You will get 10% of whatever their check is that week. There is no cap
on this.
Field of dreams will be rolling out in about 2 weeks

We will be putting the compensation plan on a training video plus a
separate Power Point.

We were going to introduce you to our Interactive Marketing Disc but we
are waiting on the audio version of it. We will be introducing it on the
Saturday morning call and again on the Monday call.

The WCA Success Network will be up soon. We have everything WCA
when it comes to culture, motivation, direction how to build your business
and a WCA calendar and an email/text system.

Mark Campese:

December 8th we are having our leadership event in Sarasota, FL. We
have 300 spaces and they are almost full. Send an email to
wcaevent@gmail.com we will send a reply with all the info you need to get

Daily update calls Mon – Sat 11 am EST

Mark Campese:



Link to the call:  https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.asp?n=127-17-65-67109-17-65-6796-17-65-677827-17-65-67-17-65-676354-17-65-67;1NzAzOTY4OTA=1




Saturday Night Conference call
17th Nov


Blaine Williams:
Get every single one of your téam members on the Monday evening call –
we’ll roll the Interactive marketing disk out, and we’ll have quite a bit of
training along with it and will start a training series.

We likely have over 1500 years of high-level sales and marketing
experience here – the list of quality people we have here is phenomenal.

When you hand someone this disk or send them a link to it, you’re handing
over a sales and marketing professional in a box! Imagine all that sales,
marketing and closing experience in your hands, now going to your
prospect’s eyes and ears.

Never before in the history of direct marketing has anybody put together
what we’re creating here: For the average person, we’re going to meet
their needs by creating more cash flow, more control of time, more hope
and happiness. For the main street small business owner that desperately
needs this, we’re going to bring them more customers, more cash flow,
more high-quality advertising tools, and more hope and happiness.

We’ll do that by providing a multi-faceted cash flow machine: 7 different
marketplaces representing many tens of billions of dollars. We only need a
small part of that to build a 10-20-30 billion dollar company. It will take
time to put people in the right seat of this “boat”, but we have the right
people in place. People out there are looking for opportunìty to call
“home”, and we have the one in which they can answer their call to

We have a few immediate goàls:
First goàl, via our support organization, The WCA Success Network: We
have a goàl to help 1000 families make $1000.00 a month by the end of
January 2013. You want to make $10-20,000 a month? Get your eyes off
of yourself and help someone else make $1000 a month – help take the
strain off of their lives. This is why we call our compensation plan the
“Care and Share” compensation plan.

Second goàl, also via the WCA Success Network: We call it the “WCA
Success Network 2020 Initiative” — We want to empower 1,000,000
families around the world to live a happier, wealthier, financially
independent lifestyle – impacting the world with true compassionate
capitalism free enterprise.

The Success Network is a community founded on shared values, principles
and ideas. In the years to come, we’ll develop a global presence by
touching lives — one at a time– providing ordinary people with the power
to lead and make a big change in this world we live in.

WCA’s 5 Founding Principles:
1 Faith – living and believing what is your core creed. Nobody has a right
to tell you what to believe. Live your own truth, and be passionate about
your faith.

2 Family – Don’t ever let business or hobbies or anything come ahead of
your family. Family is not only your spouse or the people that are related
to you, but is also the additional people that God brings into your life to
add to what you are – you’re better in the presence of these relationships.

3 Freedom – A precious gift given to us by our Creator. Each and every
man, woman and child was born with the inalienable right to life, liberty
and happiness. We will fight to the end to create an environment that
honors, respects, and pursues individual liberty, dignity and freedom.

4 Hope – We want an environment where each and every WCA member
wakes up every day and goes to bed every night with the optimism and
hope that the next day will be even better than this one was, and next
week will also be better than this week was.

5 Integrity – Time always flushes out the truth. In time, as we move
forward, you’ll become more and more confident and assured that we live,
walk and are building a life and a company based on integrity.

Monday morning at 8:00AM PST: We have an update call.

Monday evening at 6:00PM PST: We hope to roll out the WCA Success
Network website with training materials. We WILL be rolling out the
Interactive Marketing tools including the Interactive marketing disk /
virtual disk. Dale will be on the call, as well as 2 of our Field Leaders.

December 8th event: Lots of applications are coming in for this, and if we
hear from you within a week or so you should still be able to get in — we’d
love to have you there and meet you. We’ll have a reception at the office
on Friday December 7th, and then the big event on Saturday the 8th
featuring not only the 3 Founders but some of our top leaders, our
compliance attorney and consultant. Dale Bohnet will be there teaching
about the Interactive Marketing Tools – it will be an awesome time! It will
be at this event that we’ll be sorting to find who’ll be sitting on our first
Field Advisory Council. It’s only $50.00 which includes the entire day of
fellowship with some of the finest people on this entire planet. Send an
email to wcaevent@gmail.com if you’d like to attend, and go to
http://www.wcapowerpoint.com to download the PowerPoint presentation.

I am blessed to be serving as your CEO, and am looking forward to
meeting the future leaders and all-stars of this WCA world. Thank you




Remember you can listen to any of the calls and read the transcripts at the forum or also at http://wcanews.weebly.com/.


If you are not already a member of WCA you can join for F*REE.




If you have not already downloaded your WCA PDF then

Go here….

Wishing you all a fantastic week.


Remember you can adjust this PDF for yourself or if you want just let me know and I will create one for you.


As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.


John and Linda Ballis
Email: cashflowlb2012@gmail.com
Skype: linda.ballis


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