WCA conference call 8th November 2012 – Pre-launch day is here

The day WCA members have long been waiting for is now here and the new website is now up, exactly when the company promised.


WCA pre-launch is now officially in place and this pre-launch phase will last from November 8, 2012 until February 8, 2013 when the official launch of WCA will take place.


WCA has plans and vision to build a multi-billion dollar company and as a result strong secure foundations are now being set up to build a long-term home. It has been said that to build a long term successful company you must start “with the end in mind” and so great attention to detail is being implemented at this start up stage to make sure everything is compliant and works correctly.


The president of WCA, Mark Campese, has been in network marketing for more than 25 years as have other members of the management team.


Coach Blain Williams says the company head office has now been set up in Sarasota, Florida and the support team will operate from here.


The new website is only a pre-launch website and only a precursor of what the final website will be like.


WCA team members are utilising their previous experience in network marketing and internet marketing to produce an innovative, hybrid model, that will build a community of consumers and will bring advertisers and consumers together through commerce. It is anticipated that there will be 5 to 10 non-affiliate retail customers for every 1 affiliate customers which will provide a great opportunity for advertisers.


WCA is not just a recruiting company it is a company that is concentrating on providing products and services for the consuming public, it also shares the revenue of company with qualified affiliates. There will also be business building opportunities that will build WCA’s influence in the marketplace.


WCA will help people that can’t get out and generate an income in other ways, either from being housebound, maybe for health reasons, or for being unemployed, this way they can work from home.


Donna Serakeli from the compliance team, gave some information on the efforts that have been made to make sure that WCA remains compliant.


Donna has been working in compliance in the network marketing industry since 1991 along with the rest of the compliance legal team that has been appointed by WCA to make sure that WCA remains a strong, safe and sustainable program.


The management of WCA have made sure they have plenty of money to bring WCA through to being completely operational, which is a problem that many start-up companies fail to consider in enough detail.


The legal team is responsible for the establishment and the ongoing maintenance of the standard operating procedures. It will be very strict on monitoring affiliates to make sure they don’t make any claims that are not supported by the company. Although this may seem strict to some affiliates this is one of the ways that WCA is implementing to ensure the compliance and long term sustainability of the company.


The legal team is working on a list of legal compliance do’s and don’ts which will be a short document that summarises all the WCA rules and regulations.


No income claims or cross-sponsoring will be allowed. The name WCA is not allowed to be used in any URL or email address. WCA logo or name or look-alike websites will not be allowed.


WCA leadership team includes many female members and has people from across a wide age range.


Another conference call will be held later today to explain the new website.


If you wish to listen to the complete call of this information go to 8th November WCA Conference call



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