Robert Kiyosaki on Oprah


Robert Kiyosaki talks to Oprah Winfrey about about how to make and keep money.

He talks about his new way of thinking that shows how rich people and poor people think differently about money which is the real reason they have the amount of money that they do.

Here he talks about his money making secrets that teach people to be millionaires.

Your financial level is totally dependent on your way of thinking which dictates how you act and what self- talk you are subjecting yourself to each day.

While poor people may say “I can’t afford it” rich people will say “How can I afford it or what can I do so that I can afford it”.

While poor people may say “Our house is an asset” rich people will say “A house is not an asset unless it can be turned into an investment. It is a liability and if it is your largest investment you are in financial trouble”.

While poor people may say “Your job is your security, study hard so that you can get a secure high paying job and look for a position with good pay and excellent benefits”, rich people will say “Working for someone else is a sure way to make someone else rich”.

How you and your children will make money is something that is learnt far more at home than at school where even today financial education is not thought to be a high priority.

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