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For everyone that is involved in Banners Broker, or looking to do so here is a very good Review Webinar of BB 2.9 with Raj Dixit -.


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Make sure you watch it for better clarification.
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You all Must make the time to watch this VERY IMPORTANT 1 hour presentation
on the new updates and what’s coming for Banners Broker as you’ll save yourself a lot of hassles if you do :).


There are some very IMPORTANT changes that will affect your ability to earn money!


If you don’t follow the steps in this – your account may stop earning money.

And for some suggestions on growing your Banners Broker business with extracts from skype room and different thoughts, strategies and ways to grow your business.


Campaign Discussion

From 1st April for any panels to move, you must have 2 active campaigns running on the Blind network, not the choice network.  Any campaigns you run using choice are extra and do not count for your panels to

be qualified… only the blind network does. This may seem overwhelming to begin with but in fact only takes a few minutes to set up.

If you need any help with this please do not hesitate to contact us.


2 campaigns with same setting or different

You can use the same campaign, just using different cities, skip using countries, just select cities, by typing in the name of the city & then click search.. it will find you some

for you to select from, eg, Toronto (search) will bring up 3 or more Toronto’s including one in Australia!  You then click on the one you want to be used in the campaign.

Once all set, you just focus on building until the impressions have been used up.


Uploading Banners

1.  Each banner can take up to 5 mins to upload.

2.  Each campaign goes into a queue, so it can take 1-4 days to be in the system

3.  You click on REPORT when you review your campaign and it will show you how many clicks vs impressions you have received…

4.  Since we have only 1 style of banners to use, don’t worry about how well they are doing, you’ve met your obligation with BB for now… as you grow & learn in the business, you can refine that much more.

There are now 4 different sets of banners to use. You will see them when you load up your Blind campaigns.

Within the blind network,  you can run up to 5 live campaigns. Once you’ve met your original obligations with the first 2 being for your own BB link, then you can run

3 other campaigns on anything else you wish, be it to continue to promote your own BB link, or to promote other affiiliate products/services… remember you have an Ad-Pub

program, which each panel has advertising impressions you can use to advertise with.


Campaign Name

The campaign name is what you would call your own campaign – eg BB01-March etc.  It’s your reference so you can keep track of them.

If you are using the blind network you might want to put in the category plus the geotarteting … eg … Business World

There is a drop down box to choose which category you want, then you type in the campaign name,  then add whether it is the world, or a particular country so that you can recognise it further down the track


Strategy Hint

Another strategy with 2.9 is to ask your referral to allow you to help them train 2 people who join up under them so that you can train all three people at once and pay it forward with

their teams. Everyone learns and earns.

No blogging required…


Only 2 of every 3 panels can be qualified with Traffic Packs as of April 1st.

The rest have to be qualified by EITHER Sales traffic or Organic Traffic or Incentive traffic or a combination of these 3


Article Incentive discussion

” INCENTIVE TRAFFIC – write blogs – no referring needed.

This is how you can get extra credits to supplement your traffic packs and satisfy the new 30% traffic rule, but it is not passive.

example – write 36 blogs, you would earn enough to qualify a blue panel.

Hover on Traffic Bank and click on Article Incentive. Have a look there and it explains what to do. When you are on the page, click on the drop down where the websites are

mentioned and you can choose a website to blog about.


The 2nd part asks you to write an intro to your blog and the 3rd part is actually  the blog you write and it says it has to be at least 250 words long… Even though it says that the blog

needs to be between 400 – 1200 words long.  Hope this assists. It only needs to take about 10 minutes to do even if you have never written a blog before.


To qualify  a yellow panel you will only need around 4 blogs to get enough traffic in incentive to qualify. We should look at this as a positive as it allows our

traffic packs to qualify more panels really, or stretch further. As we still do not need to refer anyone but can still build our business…

The idea of writing 35 blogs to qualify only one blue panels seems like a lot of work, however a blue panel takes approx 12 weeks to cap so you have 12 weeks if this is the way you choose.


Of course there is always the original method of qualifying your panels using sales credits.  From the get go the sooner you share this business with just 2 people the better off for

sales credit traffic you will be. People you refer grow at same time as you with 50% of each of their traffic coming to you. As a new comer focus on achieving this & the journey is sweeter with a

faster result. This is only from my experience & everyone is unique with how they choose to run their Banners Broker business.


Campaign for your own business –i.e you run a Real estate business

If someone wishes to advertise their own business i.e a Real estate Business  to specific suburbs they can do this thru either Choice or Blind Network.  You would have to have your own Real Estate Banner in all the sizes and insert the link to your website.

You just need to do the geotargeting to the places that you want. Type each suburb in and see if it comes up in the list then add, then go back and type in another suburb then add.

You will not always be able to be as specific as a suburb … you may have to put in a town instead … but see what happens when you try. S

There are only two banner sizes to choose from and you can only pick one in each campaign.

You put in your business URL, not your banners URL.When someone clicks or looks at your website hopefully you will get business from them and earn $s that way.

that would then give you traffic to help qualify a panel and BB does the actual placement of the ad.

It is also a good idea to contact BB and get them to authorise the use of your website for the choice programs for compliance just in case. Better to be safe than sorry.

There is a free banner maker called Snack Tools on the internet … you may have to tweek the sizes to fit though.


The reason that Banners Brokers has introduced these measures is to make sure the business is compliant and by keeping it compliant means it will be around for a long time earning us money. Nobody likes change but if you realize why changes are being made you will recognize the value in what Banners Broker is doing. If the way you have to run your business is now different appreciate the fact that Banners Broker is in the business for the long haul and you will continue to earn from this fantastic business for years to come.


As always, feel free to contact us if you have any queries.


John and Linda Ballis
Skype: linda.ballis


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