PC withdrawals are working again, finally {video}

Please read this email that came from our Upline Scott today.

I have some very important and exciting new to share with you..
News that I have waited almost 6 months to deliver.


You see…

It’s not all been smooth sailing since Profit Clicking took over from JustBeenPaid.

I’m not going to dwell on the past…  as we too have been feeling your pain and


If there has been one silver lining on this cloud, is that despite the withdrawal
issues, PC are still there (unlike many other program we tried and testing in
2012), they keep improving the technology and website for the members.


Now, our aim is and always has been to help you make money online Period!


Keeping this in mind, we have a plan to help you achieve your goals in this area.


I will show you how you can get funds withdrawn from PC and follow us in the other
business we are now in, real business with real product and services.


Click Here to Watch the Video


profitclicking the new era.png

Premium Wallet Funding

In order to purchase Premium Ad Packs, you must use funds from your Premium Wallet.

If you have not yet funded your Premium Wallet, follow the instructions below:


Premium Wallet Funding:


1. Login to your Profit Clicking account, dashboard.

2. From your dashboard click  “Switch To Premium Ad Package System”.

3. Go to the wallet, no need to add pay processors.

4. Scroll down to the pay processors and click “Load” for the desired payment processor

5. You should then be directed to your payment processor site.

6. Once funds have been loaded into your Premium Wallet, you can then buy Premium Ad
Packs and you may select funds from the Basic Wallet to complete your purchase.


You can fund 20% of the premium purchase price from your basic wallet, however, you will not
be able to transfer that manually.


Please Note:  You must be in your Premium Ad Package Account to complete the above.


If you want to use cash and add it to your STP account the same day, click the Trust Cash
button in your STP account.  This is NOT the Trust Card. You don’t need to be verified to use
this feature.


STP Cash Instructions:


You click the link for adding by cash>>>
You put in the amount>>>
It will then transfer you to the Trust Cash site.

Then you enter your zip/post code.

Then it will give you a list of financial institutions in your area.

Then you take the cash to that financial institution (i.e. Well Fargo or something)

Put the cash in with the paper you print out from your email. ..

..and Voila The cash is your STP account in 10 second before you get back to your computer!


Timing is everything... 

….and so is this quote I came across today…


Never enough


There’s never enough time to be as patient as we need to be.
Not enough slack to focus on the long-term, too much urgency in the now to take
the time and to plan ahead.
That urgent sign post just ahead demands all of our intention (and attention),
and we decide to invest in, “down the road,” down the road.


It’s not only more urgent, but it’s easier to run to the urgent meeting than it is to
sit down with colleague and figure out the truth of what matters and the why of
what’s before us.


And there’s never enough money to easily make the investments that matter.
Not enough surplus in the budget to take care of those that need our help, too
much on our plate to be generous right now.
The short term bills make it easy to ignore the long-term opportunities.


Of course, the organizations that get around the universal and insurmountable
problems of not enough time and not enough money are able to create
innovations, find resources to be generous and prepare for a tomorrow that’s
better than today. It’s not easy, not at all, but probably (okay, certainly) worth it.


We’re going to spend our entire future living in tomorrow – investing now, when it’s difficult, is the single best moment.

Seth Godin~


Here is to your Success with ProfitClicking.


As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

John and Linda Ballis
Email: cashflowlb2012@gmail.com
Skype: linda.ballis

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