Tom interviews Garth Whitney on ProfitClicking Premium.

Profit Clicking, like all the other online programs we are working with is going through changes in an effort to make it more compliant and long term.

Although some people don’t like change and see any changes as negative one of the things we talk about in our book The Wheel of Life’s 8 Keys to Success is that change is the only thing in life that is guaranteed.

Listen here to an interview with Garth Whitney, who has already taken over $60,000 out of Profit Clicking starting with $400, as he talks about Profit Clicking and the changes to the new premium system.

This is a very down to earth, positive interview without all the negativity that you often hear when people are confronted with change.

The Premium system is based on the old tried and true original JustBeenPaid formula. If you put new money into the new premium system you can then take 20% of the balance in your old system and move it into the new premium system.

Now is the time to help ProfitClicking deal with all the withdrawal issues by slowly moving all the ad packs into the new Premium system without all the bugs of the old system.

Here are some details about the new Profit Clicking Premium System.

a) Whenever you decide to purchase new advertising in the premium system, you will be given the opportunity to use some of your basic wallet funds to make the payment – up to 20%.

For example,

– You have $80 to spend on advertising.

– You have at least $20 in your basic wallet, including gift card funds.

– You fund your premium wallet with $80.

– You proceed to make your purchase of premium advertising.

– The system shows that you have $20 available in the basic system for your purchase.

– You purchase $100 in advertising for the price of $80, because you already had $20 in the basic system.


Use gift cards to help your contacts get started in the new premium system by sending them gift cards, because the 20% can be taken from gift card balances of the basic wallet, too!

Initially, the premium system does not have gift cards, but we will introduce them soon.

b) Everyone gets 30 cents per day for every ad package purchase, for 50 days – that’s 3% per day, 7 days a week – this is huge!

Make 150% on every dollar you spend on advertising in just 50 days!

How do we do this? Have you not read about the ProfitShift? Well the first ProfitShift is months away and the panels you receive will go into a brand-new, extremely-fast-moving, empty panel/matrix system!

c) You can fund either the existing system or the new premium one, but if you try to fund the existing system, we’ll remind you that it would probably be significantly better to fund the new, premium one.

d) There will be a $10 Test-Drive System in the premium system soon, but members will only be eligible for it if they have not received it in the existing system.


 It is important to remember that, although frustrating, it is not so critical that a company has problems, it is more important how a company deals with their problems.

Personally I have actually been grateful for the withdrawal delays as I was getting to the stage where I was tempted to withdraw but due to the difficulties in the withdrawal system I decided to leave my money in the system buying more ad packs and as a result I have seen my account grow exponentially. Over just a few months I have seen my account grow from what would have been a nice bit of extra money to something absolutely amazing. With this new Premium system I actually believe the withdrawals will work much better so in a couple of months when my ad packs start to expire and converting to PC Panels, I believe we will be very happy indeed.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

John and Linda Ballis
Skype: linda.ballis

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