Strategy for withdrawing from your Premium Profit Clicking account.

Here is some strategy on a good way create a balance between building your Premium Profit Clicking account and withdrawing your funds.



Now, this strategy is designed to find the right balance between;

1)     Getting new Premium Account ‘starting capital’ out early,

2)    Obtaining regular withdrawals to the Payment Processor(s),

3)     Building a solid ProfitClicking Premium Account, and

4)    Use as much of the Basic Account funds as possible

This strategy required you to kick start your Profitclicking Premium Account and that can be done by;

1)      Funding the Premium Account with new money from a payment processor, or

2)    Sponsoring new members to ProfitClicking and have them fund their Premium
Accounts (not their basic), then use the referral commission, or

3)     Encouraging any existing referrals to fund their Premium Account and use the
referral commission.


We are using a combination of the above to accelerate our Profitclicking Premium Account earnings.


It’s from here that the magic of Profitclicking’s 3% per day, 7 days a week compounding happens.
It’s important to note that every time you purchase a Premium Ad package in Profitclicking;

  • 20% of each purchase, or $2.00, can come from the Basic Wallet
  • The other 80%, or $8.00, is funded from the Premium Account.

Please know that the initial Premium Account deposits, the daily 3% earnings, and any
referral commission can all be used to grow the Premium Account with Profitclicking.

These will contribute towards 80% of each Premium Ad Package purchase.

We have implemented this strategy early to get it working and our ‘capital’ out before the
next profit shift.  This will maximize our success.

ProfitClicking Withdrawal Strategy in Detail

  1. Funded your Premium Profitclicking Account.
  2. Purchase as many Premium Ad Packages as you can, using 80% from your Premium wallet, and 20% from your Basic wallet.  (Make sure you have funds available in your basic wallet before you do this (this is different from your ad package wallet and you may need to transfer funds between the two)).
  3. The next day use your Daily Sales Profit (DSP- 3% daily earnings) and any referral commissions to purchase as many new Premium Ad Packages as you can. Again, 80%coming from your Premium Account and 20% from your basic wallet.
  4. Repeat Step 3 for 14 days straight to quickly grow your active number of Premium Ad Packages.
  5. On day 15 – start to withdraw your Daily Sales Profit for the next 2 consecutive days. You may choose to do this on weekends to make it easy for you to remember.  Its a good idea to use 2 different payment processors to do this in case of any payment processor issues; if you only have the one payment processor,you can stop re-purchasing ad packages for 2 days and withdraw funds on the second day.
  6. Next start the daily re-purchasing of Premium Ad Packages again, as in Step 3 for 5 days.
  7. I now repeat Step 6.and Step 7, so that you are withdrawing 2 days a week and repurchasing for 5 days a week. And then keep this pattern going.

In around 45 days, using this strategy you will;

  • Have all of your new capital (or seed money) returned to you from Profticlicking
  • Weekly withdrawals with a pay rise each week (until the profit shifts happens)
  • Have a very healthy and growing Premium Account
  • Be using more and more of your Basic Wallet funds
  • Have the confidence again to sponsor people into this business


ProfitClicking Strategy Notes

  • We plan to keep repeating this strategy, before and after any future Profitclicking ProfitShifts. 
  • We also keep growing our Basic account (Ad packs) and we keep enough funds in our Basic Wallet for our 20% contribution to Premium ad packages.
  • We will keep our level 1 upgrade running – $10 a month, once the first premium ad packages start expiring in around 45 days.


Wishing you much success and abundance with profitclicking,


” Never let a day go by where you have not taken action towards your dreams”


As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.


John and Linda Ballis
Skype: linda.ballis


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