Our Journey to Life Balance with TelexFree


As part of our journey to a sustainable online income one of the most reliable businesses we have been in is TelexFree.

Have a look at the video below to see some of our journey and get to know us.


When we wrote our book The Wheel of Life’s 8 Keys to Success we became aware of the number of people that felt that their lack of financial success was their biggest issue. This became obvious through the people that filled in our online interactive wheel of life questionnaire.

We have had our online interactive wheel of life working for some time and now have a fair bit of data that tells us what people consider being their biggest problems when balancing their lives.

The biggest perceived problem by far is Wealth and Finances followed by Health (often caused by the stress of financial issues).

To deal with this issue we run a number of online cashflow programs and through our team we share these with others.

One of the best and most stable programs, by far, is TelexFree.

As always don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


John and Linda Ballis
Email: cashflowlb2012@gmail.com
Skype: linda.ballis


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