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Make Sure You See This – most powerful business RELEASED SOON


(activate images some crazy pictures from the past)

Precious Metals Like Gold And Silver
Are Bound to
Whether That is Going to be Good or Bad 


So recently we shared this post and now just want

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World War 1

Here’s a question:
What if you made $100 000 per month and you fill your bank account with
that paper money (fiat currency) and then the worlds Reserve Currency
“bombs” out…? (or any other crazy event takes place.. like war)


Regardless of the amount of money you make you will be SCREWED!
That is it…   simple and plain! Don’t believe us


Let us give you one of MANY examples from…


HISTORY – facts!

(yeah, this has actually happened over-and-over before and WILL happen

again soon but GLOBALLY this time!)

German Mark 1German Mark 2

(images above: German kids playing with cubes of money in the streets as
they are worthless and the cleaning-man sweeps the paper money-notes together
as people dumped their cash as it lost it’s purchasing power / value)


If you look at Germany in January 1919, before the war, a person in Germany

could buy an ounce of gold for only 170 Marks


…4 years later due to the turn of events a person in Germany then needed

87 TRILLION Marks to purchase the same ounce of Gold. 
Now that was only a SINGLE COUNTRY’S currency!


Watch and see what happens when the WORLD’S Reserve Currency

(United States Dollar) goes belly up…

  • Gold has ALWAYS been the answer.
  • it’s the only thing that lasts and grows in value.
  • and it’s God’s money since it’s not man-made…


(that’s just some food for thought)



Here’s the thing:



…the global economy is literally falling apart.
(if you don’t know that then it’s just proof that you are uninformed about that fact)



You have the opportunity now as you are reading this to pay attention to what

We’re sharing with you and through this actually set yourself on the path of

Acquiring assets such as Gold and Silver and be able to protect yourself

against what is coming.


You don’t have to be a “victim”…




But rather be the victor!




What you need to do now is simply ponder what you just read,

then realize that we’re right and know that you need to do something

about it…





So what should you do…






John and Linda

Precious metals



PS. If you are not making $50k per month AND your life is already filled with

desired results THEN you should pay attention to what we just shared with you

and get in there as we actually know what we’re doing. 🙂



PPS. Precious metals has been the “got to” place for all economic turmoil for THOUSANDS of years by the SUPER RICH (another hint) and now the

“mother of all” collapses are looming… 


Over 4000 (THOUSAND) currencies have already collapsed before

but NEVER on a global scale and since this is going to be the Reserve Currency 

watch out!


 (ostriches won’t “get” this email and its content…  nor the opportunity…
cause they always stick their heads in the sand)


John and Linda Ballis


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