TelexFREE new Withdrawal system is LIVE

The long wait for an updated Withdrawal system for TelexFREE is now over…


As you log into each accountyou have and set up each GPG profile, MAKE A NOTATION of your username!

It will be a 6-digit number, assigned by GPG, looks like it’s not editable.
Save that information somewhere for each of your accounts so you stay organized.

Remember to please take your time. Don’t rush. Print out or take a screen shot of the information pages so you have a good record of them.


Awesome news on the new payment system.

If you missed the corporate call, here is a link to a recording.


And please, let’s all be sensible here. We all want to get set up as soon as
possible. But follow these simple guidelines please.


For the GPG training webinar tonight they are going to use the everyonegetspaidweekly platform. So if you are already signed up there, you should have already received the announcement. if you are not, you will have to go sign up for it if you want to listen live.

The webinar will be recorded and will be placed in our back offices so you can watch it later.

To sign up if you are not already, go to


Do NOT call GPG to ask a bunch of questions. Continue to go through
your upline/Skype Group to get your questions answered.


DO NOT call GPG to ask questions about TelxFREE


Please do take your time and follow the instructions explicitly.
The link to get set up will be on the website later today or tomorrow morning.


Please do watch this video before you do anything. Make sure your email is set up correctly in your TelexFREE back office.


Please understand there will be a big rush to get this done. If the system seems slow or is not working, just try again after awhile.


And Please – DO NOT CALL GPG


Lets all work together on this and give it a few days so we can all get it set up correctly. Contact your upline if you need help.


This is awesome news. A big step for all of us.


As always don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


John and Linda Ballis
Skype: linda.ballis


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