The BIGGEST THING we’ll ever do. Its gold.




For many months we have been alluding to our Precious Metals



And for the past 2 years at least we have consistently stated

that our long term goal is to take people into long term investments

which will help them create a legacy for generations to come.


We have taken you through many programs which we have hoped

to provide cash flow so the “average person” could start small,

build up some cash and then mix it up with the big investors.


Some of these programs have obviously been more successful than others,

the online world is a constant minefield of dramas and issues but we have

been unswerving in our goal in the face of sometimes very big challenges!


We had wanted to wait till at least September or October 2013 before we

unveiled our precious metals program, giving people the time to build

up their cash reserves, hence giving everyone a level entry point into this

amazing business.


There have been a few world events that have taken place recently

and we have just, recently, also received some information

which, has caused people a lot smarter than us, who understand

the “big picture” of how economies work and how they are manipulated,

to believe there to be something of a financial “perfect storm” brewing!


—————————– —————–

The ramifications of this are massive…


…bigger than you can imagine!

—————————– —————–


Now when this happens…. people who are on the right side

of the assets ledger will be in a position to be propelled financially

beyond their wildest dreams!


Its what’s known as a WEALTH SHIFT!


Our aim is to place you squarely in the face of this perfect storm and

to come out on the other side in a position where YOU CAN leave a solid

financial legacy for you and the generations to come behind you!


As a result, our upline and us have decided to bring the launch date
forward to the next 7 days (approx) to make sure we don’t miss this opportunity of a generation.


————-  ————-  ————-  ————-  ————-

Some of you will already “get this” and be prepared…

most of you, statistically, will ignore this and carry on as you were…..

(like ostriches sticking their heads in the sand)


And that’s why 90% of all wealth always ends up in the hands of
the 10% !!
————-  ————-  ————-  ————-  ————-


If you have an instinct that there is a whole financial world out

there which most do not know about….


then you have the right mindset…


and will be well positioned to take advantage of what we will be
showing you.


We have a 12-week-strategy that is going to ROCK PLENTY 
people’s world in a way they did not know was possible for them!


To prepare yourselves “mentally” over the next week or so we will be

sending you information so you can get up-to-speed with what’s

happening in our global economies and how we can take advantage of

the changes that come our way.


Today we would like you to watch this video by Mike Dillard and
listen to what he says in the last minute of that


(it’s only 8 minutes long)


its CRITICAL to understand that last minute to get a glimpse

of what’s coming your way!!



http://protectionthroughgold. com/Currency_Collapse.html


and be sure to check out the PS’s below too 🙂


We will be in touch over the next few days…



John and Linda


PS. Our whole focus… no wait, more than that... 1000% of our focus

in ALL of our online activities is now going towards


…this PRECIOUS METALS business with a 12 week strategy

AND teaching our team marketing and traffic generation!


PPS. It will be a good thing to ponder why someone like us with

our success made the decision to quite literally SOLELY FOCUS on this! 🙂


As always don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


John and Linda Ballis
Skype: linda.ballis


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