Recently, if you have been following us you would have realised we have established the following –

    The Problem!

Video 1 – Currency Collapse-1

Over the past 100 years, over thirty FIAT currencies

(currencies NOT backed by gold, such as the USD) have collapsed!

Over the past 6000 years.. 100% of FIAT currencies have collapsed!!
yeah… 100%..!!! 

Video 2 – Currency Collapse-2

  • In 1971 President Nixon took the US Dollar off the gold standard
  • That basically took the world off the gold standard
  • Savers of money are losers because since 1971 money stopped being
    money and became debt!
  • REAL money is Gold and Silver (always has, always will be)
  • For 5000 years, Gold has been the predominant REAL currency.
  • Gold and silver always lie in wait till a currency loses confidence.
  • Since 1971 The USD has lost 95% of its value. ( Richard Duncan ,
    former advisor of the world bank and the IMF)
  • More than 70% of ALL currency on the planet is USD! (not good)

When the currency collapses, you want to be holding GOLD…. and not “paper”!


This is called a WEALTH SHIFT!

    The Solution!

Over the past 12 months, our upline’s, Scott, Alby and Lourens, along with people a lot smarter than us, have been looking for a SOLUTION to the impending financial storm coming our way, we have wanted our team to not only to be on the right side of the asset ledger when the storm hits…


….but we want it to be affordable to the everyday person!!

In effect, letting the average Joe get a piece of the action normally reserved for the mega wealthy or ONLY those “in the know”

We have identified a business which not only opens its doors to the average guy, but also allows us to invest in precious metals in quantities which ANYONE can afford!


In addition to this, there is a VERY lucrative compensation plan attached for anyone who wants to make this THEIR business!

And when we say lucrative…we MEAN lucrative!

Keep an eye out for our next post where we go into details of some of the features and benefits …

(HINT – Think world trips and luxury cars!!)



John and Linda

PS. Think about this…

What if you could do three simple things and build a business that produces

you with anywhere between $4,000 to over a $100,000 per month in 4 – 12



WOULD YOU commit…?



PPS. Here’s how…


#1″See” or “get” the reasoning behind why this business and why gold…

it should be obvious after what we have shared with you up to here.


#2 Join our Ultimate Business at one of the levels available and then
SAVE IN GOLD on a weekly / monthly basis. (it’s affordable).  In fact get it
paid for you by this business

#3 Share your love for this business and team… while having GOLD in your hand 🙂
It’s as SIMPLE as that..


…and before you know it

You’ll have a MASSIVE INCOME online

and then live your dream..!

This Truly is Something AMAZING as Gold needs

no need to “convince” others about its legitimacy…

Why..? because…

Gold is GOLD…!   


As always don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


John and Linda Ballis
Skype: linda.ballis


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