Huge Karatbars Issue.. Warning to all….


You have just got to love a “problem” like this..


From the Karatbars team Skype Room recently..

Karatbars Support

So…  FedEx and Karatbars are run off their feet.. shipping gold all over the world to our team..

No surprise really….


….. as we have added over 1900 members in just 6 weeks.


What a great little “problem” to have…


And this is the only issue we have seen with this amazing business.


Did you see that the company actually called our team member
back with a solution and a time frame.. We nearly fainted from the SHOCK of how good the support is.


Have a chuckle and a great day!



John and Linda


John and Linda


PS. For more information go here..

PPS. Get stared here..   it’s fr*ee to create an account..