VERY IMPORTANT – Only 2 Days to Go!

Hi There,


Just a couple of days to go till the launch of our


We have NEVER been so confident or so excited about any business we have ever promoted, and we firmly believe this business has fallen from heaven and into our
laps (laptops?).


As we can see from the past few emails, the timing could not be more perfect to get into the precious metals industry, the global economic storm brewing is going to bring together all the elements which WILL culminate in a financial perfect storm, the likes we have never seen before.

We have also established that the “dirty little secret” of the wealthy and the mega rich is to take physical possession of currency grade gold, and as the paper currencies collapse…


…the price of gold ALWAYS skyrockets and fortunes are made by a VERY FEW who are “in the know” …. AS LONG AS THEY ARE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE ASSET LEDGER! (Gold)


The issue in the past has been that currency grade gold has only been available to banks and a very few “elite” ……..




We have identified a company where ANYBODY can purchase Currency Grade Gold (This is the highest quality money can buy)

in 1 gram lots…


…making it affordable for ANYBODY to break into the Gold market and prepare for a catapult in gold prices!


OK, that’s a quick recap of what we have been talking about up to here in the last few emails… now let us tell you a bit more about the company we are dealing with…


…and THEN give you something to really GASP about… (as promised in the past email!)


First… you must understand a few things about gold…


Most People Don’t Know That There Are 2 Different Asset Classes in Gold..!


1. Commodity Grade gold which is bought and PRICED in ounces… (which is the ‘spot’ price usually referred to)


2. Currency Grade gold which is bought and PRICED in grams…

Currency grade gold is therefore different and priced different. Most people can’t afford commodity grade gold (since very few people walk around with +-$1200 for an ounce of gold)


Grams are more affordable and everything in gold revolves around VALUE. This type of gold is more valuable since it can be bought and used by the masses.


Central Banks All Store This Type


This type is only made by three refineries in the world. The company we deal with is LBMA certified (London Bullion Market Association) and is also on the “London Good Delivery List”.


The gold we deal with is 999.9 pure gold. 🙂


All in all it’s just better for the masses and therefore priced differently.


The company we deal with is a business opportunity also and not only about “buying” gold.


Remember that…


People simply don’t buy / save gold if there isn’t a way to make money “in the NOW” as well…


THAT is the reason why THIS BUSINESS is The ULTIMATE business.


  • It allows people to build a business.
  • Which makes them money now!
  • Has a REAL product which is REAL MONEY.
  • And at the same time protects their wealth through
    saving into physical Gold.


All the above information is helpful, and if all we did was to introduce you to this business and taught you how and where to purchase the correct grade of gold and how to take possession of it…


that would already be AWESOME!




But as mentioned many times over the past few weeks…  there is an AMAZING and VERY lucrative referral based income stream which flows from this company also!


In addition to the income streams this company is EXTREMELY generous and wants to make SURE you stay motivated… and so they are also throwing some incentives  out to the people doing the work….. and these incentives can be accumulated over a lifetime.….


WAIT…. think about how powerful that is!


So even if you are not a “turbo propelled” business builder…. YOU can still qualify for ANY of these incentives as your business grows over time… and that means EVERYONE can eventually reach the incentives below….

(NEVER have we seen that before!)


Here are just SOME of the incentives up for grabs…

  • Gold i-Phone
  • Trip to Dubai
  • Mega round the world cruise
  • Rolex watches
  • Luxury cars such as BMW’s… Mercedes… Ferrari’s
  • And the big Daddy of them all… a luxury villa built for
    you anywhere in the world!


Remember... these are IN ADDITION to purchasing of
gold and the other income streams!!


I know what you are thinking….


“John and Linda this is insane…  and I want in NOW..!”


But, as they say in the classics…..wait, there is MORE


“But John and Linda, I can’t take any more, I mean what else could you POSSIBLY do to make this deal even SWEETER?”



Well, our friends….. this is where you WILL GASP as you realise what we are about to do for you!


We are virtually going to FORCE you to succeed in this business… even if you have NEVER made a dime online or offline before!


We have been chipping away behind the scenes for the past couple of months to put things in place that are going to TAKE YOU BY THE HAND….  and make sure that you have the BEST ever chance of FINALLY making it online!! (or offline)


Its fantastic to have a great business…. but if you don’t have the skills to build that business or have a great team around you, it can be a very lonely and un-fulfilling process..


and the truth is…


98% fail if they don’t have support!


—————————— ——————–

The KEY to succeeding in any business is to have a tried and tested “system”… and if the system works, then its hard for people NOT to succeed!

—————————— ——————–


This is where OUR team comes in…


…we have BUILT an awesome system which, if worked WILL stuff big fat wads of cash into your bank account EVERY WEEK!!


Let us take you by the hand, and show you what’s in store for you when you click the “join up” button in a couple of days!


1. We have already signed up all the main leaders in our business… and we have a team of over 1100 people just waiting to answer any questions and help YOU get a fast start! We have a team Skype room which is open 24/7 JUST to help, encourage and share information… ONLY for OUR team members (that’s YOU)


2. We have a Solid 12 week Step by Step plan to take you from NOTHING to making at LEAST $4400 per week… and then beyond… ALL you have  to do is plug into our system!


3.We have built a sales page where we do all the selling for you… ALL you need to do is point people to that page along with your referral link… and

they will sign up under you!


4. We have built a step by step “how to sign up and get started” site for ALL your new prospects and for THEM to use also!


5. We have built a PASSWORD PROTECTED (for OUR team only!) training website… where we will teach you all you need to build a solid business and a sound financial future.


6. We have a campaign code and messages for all your follow up auto-responder messages.. ALL done for you!!


7. In short, we have a complete sales funnel….. ALL YOU NEED TO DO is point people to the team sales site and let our system do its magic!


8. We have daily webinars available for you and any of your prospects, these are LIVE webinars by some of the leaders in our business.




But lean in close now our friends.. and listen VERY closely to what we are about to tell you. This is possibly THE most important part of this whole


Some of you are going to “get this” and position yourselves, literally at the front of the pack and give yourself a massive leg up in this business!


Have we got your 100% undivided attention???


Are you sure??.


OK, now follow us in this, VERY closely!


Have you ever wanted to be in at the beginning of something big??


Have you ever wanted to get in with leaders and take advantage of the positioning this gives you in the market, and the momentum it gives you right at the start?



Well then this information is for you!


We are part of the FASTEST growing team in this business….. we are building a MASSIVE team and a legacy to go with it.


Our conversion rates are off the charts… and there is a way you can take advantage of this and put a turbo under your business from day 1!


If any of you understand what a dual payment system or a “binary” system is… you will get this right away… for those of you who do not… that’s ok… just follow what we are about to say!


When we launch in a couple of days… we ARE going to  create HISTORY in this business…. and those of you who are FIRST TO SIGN UP will be the recipients of something in our business called “spillover”…


This effectively puts a flood of new sign ups in YOUR downline / business…without doing a thing EXCEPT taking action as soon as we send you the sign up link!


For the smart people who act quickly… they will only ever have half the job that most people who join to make the same amount of money.


We cannot over state how important this is!


Anyone who has been in this industry for more than a few years will almost BEG to be placed in this position!


And ALL you have to do is to be FAST and act QUICKLY… once the sign up link has been sent… and EVERYONE who signs up AFTER you…will be placed UNDER you!!!.


This, for most of you will be “ho hum” news… because you do not “get it”…  but We GUARANTEE the ones who DO read this and REALLY understand the power of what we have just written above… will LITERALLY GASP… and will wait with their fingers on the mouse for the link to be sent through!


The only question we have now is:



  • Will you be left at the station?
  • Or will you be on the train?


We will leave it there… and let this sink in… 🙂


We will be in touch in a couple of days.. MAKE SURE YOU ARE PREPARED for that email… it WILL change your life!!


Catch you then…



John and Linda

As always don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


John and Linda Ballis
Skype: linda.ballis


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