Do you believe your currency is safe from Inflation?

Currencies all over the world are being devalued daily due to the enormous amount of “paper” and “digital” currency being created out of thin air and injected into the financial systems. This is outpacing the production of goods and services thus creating worldwide price Inflation at an alarming rate. As consumers we are experiencing this daily in the supermarket, in the movie theatre and at the gas station.

Eventually, as the worldwide confidence in fiat currencies erodes, and people begin to trade their worthless paper for tangible assets, hyperinflation will be the result.

The most prominent and fearsome example of hyperInflation was
post WWI Germany, where in January 1919, one ounce of
Gold traded for 170 marks; by November 1923, that same ounce was worth 87 trillion Marks.

Do you have a plan in place to counter this when the US economy implodes? All economies of the world are tied to the US dollar so none of us will be exempt?

How would you like this wheelbarrow of gold?


To watch a video f what gold is just click here.

The value of physical gold ownership has always been the best kept secret of the wealthy. Not only this, but physical gold continues to keep the wealthy living in abundance from one generation to the next.


Gold has, and always will be, true money. Gold is inflation proof and has held its value for more than 3000 years. It just makes complete sense to have any savings converted into ‘true money’ – gold – to ensure that inflation does not eat away at those savings. Everyone loves gold, the very mention of the word pricks up ears. It is not difficult to understand the mentality of the old Gold Rush days when people swarmed towards the Klondike, California, and Australia.


Purchasing Currency Grade gold used to be, for many years, beyond the means of the ordinary person. The very wealthy and the mega-rich remained very wealthy because they could afford to safeguard their wealth in gold.




This is no longer the domain of the rich and wealthy as we have identified a company that makes it affordable for ANYONE to break into the gold market and prepare for a catapult in prices.


This Asset Class is priced in kilos (or parts thereof), such as 0.001 kilos which is 1 gram. This makes it readily available to the masses ie, you and I. Purchasing gold in 1 gram lots makes it VERY affordable to all of us, we can build up our small fortune over time without it affecting our daily lives too much. We still need to eat, pay the bills, etc.

Join our team and find out how you can get gold for free with our 12 week plan.We have a 24 hour super supportive Skype room where any questions you have will be answered with one of our team members within a very short period of time.


John and Linda


John and Linda


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