What is your Dream?

It doesn’t matter what dream you have.

Or where you have come from in the past to get to the stage where you can follow your dream.

However, you may already know that the dream that you are holding in your mind that something is possible, is hard to achieve.

You should know that in the process of working towards your dreams you WILL occur a lot of disappointments, failures and pain. That is the nature of life’s lessons but the whole purpose of our journey through life is to learn lessons so for getting the chance to learn them we should be grateful.


These hard times will not stay and after they are over, if you are realistic, you will always be able to look back and see that there have been learning,s involved.


Greatness is in all of us, no matter your experience in life.


Most people stop pushing themselves to improve their life situations. They accept the known status quo, no matter how difficult it may be, preferring the known to the unknown.


The fear of failure or the fear of success are equally powerful and both may stop you moving forward in your life. Either of these fears can stop you moving forward with your dreams.

Most people spend more time with other people getting other people to like them than they do with themselves. The quietness involved with meditation can be more frightening to some people than the known stress of their current situations. After all, if you learn to know yourself, both weaknesses and strengths you can no longer hide from yourself.

You are who you spend your time with so if you  don’t want to be a loser you must get the losers out of your life. It is like lancing a boil. If you don’t do anything about it it will grow and grow and become more and more painful, but eventually you have to accept the situation and release the pressure and get rid of the toxicity. If you want to follow your dreams and move ahead in your life you must create the environment that will allow this.


There WILL be times when you doubt yourself.  However it is critical that you don’t give up on your dreams. For people that have dreams and work to achieve them life has a special kind of meaning. For many this termed having a sense of purpose.


It is important to understand that many people won’t agree with you or see your vision. Everyone in life has their own perspectives on any situation. Everyone at one point in their lives has had their own dreams and visions of the future but it takes a certain strength of character to follow through on your dreams in the face of adversity. Most people don’t make the effort.

In order to get ahead it is important that you align yourself with people that have the same beliefs in your business. There are many people out there that are as hungry as you for success.


John and Linda

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