TelexFREE has become the prime sponsor for a major Brazil Soccer team.


Here is a video of Clearence Seedorf,the famous player of Botafogo who announces his permanent resignation as soccer/football player to persuit his dreams and passion for AC Millan…..sitting in front of a wall, full of tiny beautiful ad tiles with the new logo of TelexFREE being displayed. This is excellent advertising for TelexFree and will only help our business.


THIS IS A MARKETING BONANZA FOR YOU! Be Grateful That YOUR COMPANY TelexFREE which has the courage and fortitude to ADVERTISE in the LARGEST & MOST RESPECTED INTERNATIONAL SPORT – Soccer/Football. There isn’t ANOTHER COMPANY in this Industry who Advertises like this?

TeleXFREE…Living up to its word…AS AN ADVERTISING COMPANY!

If you haven’t already, join us in TelexFree and take advantage of this Free  advertising for your company.


As always don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

John and Linda Ballis
Skype: linda.ballis


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