Steps to Take Now With Regards to The Telexfree Yearly Renewal



Many people in TelexFree that have been in for nearly a year and have made a fantastic income out of the opportunity, are aware that the first year renewal fee is coming up soon.  Here is some information on how to calculate how much you owe.
What you need to do now is check your: Report section…  then go to Income…  add all of the amounts you see there together and then work out 20% of that.   That will be more or less the amount you will need to pay for the renewal of your main position.

(main position = the package under which you have sponsored your team…   if you have used more than one package to sponsor under then you need to check those too…   You want to renew all packages you sponsored under OR YOU WILL lose money if you don’t renew and then those people start renewing theirs.)

There will soon be a whole video on all the benefits of the different ways one can go about renewing. We all obviously want as many members to renew as many of their packages that is relevant cause it creates all the income of this past year ALL OVER AGAIN 🙂    No-one wants to build a team over again.. so this way everything will stay intact…

So look for that video within the next two weeks  😉

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As you can see in the post above it already tells you HOW TO figure out the amount you need to pay…

Then you can also check your account for the DATE at which your particular package was activated…  so a year from then will be your RENEWAL date…    so as a measure of safety you simply check your Invoice Tab in your back office from about 7 days before that renewal date is here for the NEW INVOICE number…

Thirdly…  you will need to pay the FULL 20% amount that you worked out (it will be that amount as explained in the post above)
So no “partial payments”….   the people that used some simple business practise would have saved up the funds from their earnings to renew and not spent it all.  The 20% wasn’t a secret.

Fourthly..   you will be able to pay the invoice from your Telexfree Backoffice….  AS WELL AS from your Telexfree global wallet.

TelexFree is such a fantastic business for regular cashflow that we expect everyone will be renewing so lets look forward to a great 2014 in TelexFree.

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