Stop wasting money jumping in and out of programs that fail

This was written today in our Karatbars Skype room and resonated with me so I just thought I would share.

It is always better to learn than to remain ignorant and although you should definitely not just jump into any program you come across without understanding the background and fundamentals behind the program it is definitely a good idea to be part of a supportive team where we have great leaders and everone watches everyone elses back.

Something I just wrote down and thinking about sharing with people:

– There is people out there… just living their life and complaining that money is ALWAYS an issue and what not. But then they never do anything about it…

For alot of people it sounds scarry, even unreal that there is really ways in this modern age to make money online, at the comfort of their own home. They just don’t know about it and are afraid to even give it a chance.

They continue to talk and talk and talk and….fantasise…”What if I won a billion dollars”, “What if I all of a sudden would have a lot of money and didn’t need to go back to my job that I HATE”…..what if…..and so it continues……

I am truly happy for them, that they are suspicious and don’t just throw their hard earned money away at any garbage coming their way. But what I’m not so happy about for their sake, is the fact that they don’t even give it a chance. They just wave it away as garbage and don’t even care to listen.

Nobody want to lose their money, believe me I am one of them who have and I don’t want to do that again. Any business is a risk, whether it is online or in “real life”,  but “risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing”. So to minimize the risk, at least give the presented opportunity an honest chance to prove itself, Right or Wrong.

You try to have a serious conversation with them, about ways that are actually possible to go through, they listen for a minute or two and then they lose their interest and think it sounds like a lot of work, for nothing. And start drifting away to these SUPER HUGE goals, like taking a shortcut and one day wake up and all of a sudden have millions and millions in their possession.

Without having to do ANYTHING to earn those money and build their wealth. And not even have to TRY!

Do you really believe that there is a way like that? (Ok yeah, maybe Lottery is THE one way), but let’s be realistic here ok….

Either you wait your whole life to (maybe) one day win big at the lottery…..


You start educating yourself, investing in yourself and investing in things that slowley will help build your wealth up. Be patience and keep focusing and being consistent about your business. “If you’re in it to win it, you better
stick to it”.

I have the outmost respect for someone who doesn’t want to get involved in ANY business what so ever, as long as they take the time, a few minutes or so. To look through what the opportunity is about, and build their opinion
based from that. Instead of just throwing away any opportunity coming their way without even giving it a honest chance….. And then they most of the time, go back to their day job and keep complaining for the rest of their lifes.

This is just MY personal opinion, and some of you might think I’m wrong, some won’t even care, and some might even agree with me.

My point here is, give opportunities a honest chance to prove it self Right or Wrong.

If you are happy and satisfied with your life as it is. Congratulations to you my friend, I am sincerely happy for you and wish you the best of luck in the future 🙂

But if you are like me….. who looks for a way to expand your life and be able to buy yourself more time with your loved ones (IE by working from home). I believe you must ask you this question, “Am I happy of where I am in my life?
Do I wish to continue to live my life as it is today, or do I want to take a chance (life’s a chance) and have the possibillity to be successfull and able to live the lifestyle of my dreams?

Believe in yourself guys…..
I believe in myself that I can do it, and I believe that you can too…

Have the guts to stand out from the crowd and do YOUR thing, what YOU want and what YOU believe is right.

Have a wonderful day guys!
Thank You for reading.

Fredrik Sjodin”


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