World Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes!!

Comedic view of the current world debt crisis as told by a “financial consultant!!”



It was produced in 2010 but the story still holds together today, although financial analysts now say the US is the most likely country to collapse financially and bring the world down.

It talks about all the money Greece, Ireland, Spain and Italy owe to Germany, France, Britain. This, of course means they will struggle in their own economies as they can’t pay back their debts.

The question is how does a broke economy lend money to another broke economy when they don’t have the money in the first place and shouldn’t have lent it in the first place as it could never have been paid back.

The thought that the US economy can bail out the European economies is based on the premise that the US can just keep printing money.

The US owes so much money to China that if China decides to call in their loans the US has nowhere to go.

Interestingly, China is buying up all the gold it can get its hands on which is what you should be too.

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