Banners Broker migration to version 3

As Banners Brokers gets ready to transition to Version 3 there are a few things that you should do to your account to maximise where you start in the new version.

Banners Broker have announced that there will be no more engine runs-in other words no more panel capping in v2.9 so you may as well do as much as you can with your current account now.

Your migration PDF which explains all the details of the migration is available to download from your back office on the front page. This is well worth going through.

Banners Broker version 3 is a complete new system, not an add-on to the old system of version 2.9. It will be run in a completely different way with much more emphasis put on social media advertising than in the current system. It will no longer be a passive system and you will need to do some work with social media sites in order to qualify your panels. This is actually a good thing as it shows that they are making sure  that Banners Broker stays “legal”and keeps operating into the future. Banners Broker version 3 will be successful if affiliates come together and support Version 3 with a positive attitude.

The first thing that you must be aware of is that in order to kick start your Banners Broker V3 you will need to put $10 in from an outside source for the first months admin fee. This is being done to make sure only people that are going to work their accounts will be rolling over to Banners Broker V3 and must be made within 90 days of launch.

All Premium memberships will be reduced to $15/month for 3 months AFTER the $10 outside funding of your first month. This is instead of the $100 Premium members currently pay. The aim of this reduction in fees will be KEY to helping many smaller accounts stay “afloat” in the first few months of version 3.

As I understand it when Banners Broker V3 becomes operational your account will be reset with  your “Traffic Allowance” being 5 panels for each colour that you hold, the same way it is when you started with Banners Broker originally.

If you have any incentive or sale credits traffic then qualify panels with this as this traffic won’t move over to Version 3.



Once you have used up all your Incentive or Sales Credit traffic then roll up the remaining panels and leave them unqualified as at least a percentage of them will transfer over.


If you have a traffic pack, click on it and ALLOCATE the traffic but do NOT use it now to qualify any panels! Keep the traffic for Version 3.

If you are allocating traffic packs and are not sure how much to allocate where, a good start is

5 yellows = 25,000 traffic required then

5 purples= 75,000 traffic required then

5 blues= 235,000 traffic required then

5 greens= 675,000 traffic required then


You will be limited in the ability to purchase traffic packs when version 3 is released – hence the recommendation to allocate your current traffic pack credits as they WILL transfer over to version 3.

Please remember that any traffic pack traffic which is not used in V2.9 or allocated to a colour ready for V3 will be lost in the migration but if allocated, 100% will be carried forward to Version 3.


A percentage of your roll up and purchased panels will transfer to V3 in the form of “advertising credits” (not directly as panels)

ALL the money in your “legacy ewallet” (which is MOST of what is in your current ewallet) will be available to withdraw (over time) – the only condition is: You MUST keep your version 3 account in “good order” (that means ABOVE $0. in your ewallet!) This is a good enough reason to move over to Banners Broker V3 and pay your original $10.

Here are 2 videos that may help you understand what needs to be done.


This one is a little dated as it was made prior to the initial expected transition date so just ignore the first few minutes.

If anyone needs any help in adjusting their account prior to the launch of BBV3 just let me know and I will go over your account with you.


As always don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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