Everything that happens in life has different perspectives to it, but Mindset is the Key.

With any business venture whether it is an online program or an offline business there will always be hiccups. It is just that in an online business it is very easy to blame the people running the program rather than take responsibility for your own results. This is actually a sign that you haven’t progressed from the mentality of having a “JOB” and someone else having responsibility for all the problems that come up and the mentality of running your own business and dealing with problems.


Anybody that has been a part of our team for any length of time will know that mindset is a critical factor in anybody’s success. Running your own business, whether it is online or offline, means being responsible for your results and doing what it takes to get them.

Everything that happens in life has different perspectives to it. When you have an issue and you get stressed and start complaining then that will influence your opinion of a company and you will start becoming negative. Alternatively, when you experience an issue and “just go with the flow” you will be more likely to experience a positive mindset and work out the best way to deal with the particular problem.


Everyone at TelexFree has a different number of packages and the income from them will have a different impact on individual lives, however the mindset component is the same for everyone.


Most people will have had at least one experience when they have missed out on earnings for one reason or another. You can react in one of two ways, get really upset and blame everyone, including the program or stop and see how you can put things in place that will reduce the likelihood of missing out on a week’s earning again.


Yes, with TelexFree there have recently been intermittent problems with placing and verifying ads but that is part and parcel of this particular business. All other businesses will also have their own issues from time to time. The fact that a business has issues is not what is really important. What is important is how a company deals with the issues. My experience with TelexFree is that they have been very good in their dealing of problems and personally I am proud to be associated with this company.


As always don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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