Its time to wake up!!

It is very important that we all learn as much as we can about the state of the inter-related economies of the world, in particular, the reserve currency of the world, US economy and where it is going.



Have a look at this video that Hidden secrets of money just put out.  It’s about Ben Bernanke’s term in office which is coming to an end in Early February 2014. It has some pretty educational graphics from other Mike Maloney videos.

It is unlikely Einstien (or anyone else for that matter) can come up with a mathmatical equation to find resolve of a 17 trillion dollar deficit much less the 240 trillion of unfunded liabilities the US has over the next 10 years.


The debt levels of the US and many other countries is very high. In our opinion, everyone should have an insurance policy because of this. Our insurance policy includes saving gold and we do this with Karatbars.

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John and Linda Ballis
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