TelexFree 20% Renewal Process Step by Step

As anyone that has been in TelexFree for a year or coming up to a year is aware there is a 20% renewal fee to renew your account.

Please watch this video with all the information you need to know about the TelexFree 20% Renewal process produced by Lourens which explains the process in detail ….


Click here to watch


You need to renew at least your primary account if you want to keep growing your TelexFree business, i.e purchase any new accounts and keep the benefit of staying in the current tree where you have positions already on your legs.

If you have multiple accounts that you are NOT renewing and have money in them, then make sure you transfer the money to your main or other accounts before your contract expires ( remember min. $300 to transfer).

Do all your repurchase if they are available, before the renewal date – sell it back if they are ready (in green) do this before you transfer your money to other accounts.

If you have less than $300 in your account (accounts you not planning to renew) you won’t be able to transfer this money so instead what you can do is to make the use of this money to pay for other accounts invoices also paying for some of my Team  member’s invoice ( customers -$49.90) rather leaving this money for the company 🙂

You can check the amount in your account in your back office under Statement on your Toolbar then history. You will need your secondary password to do this.

As the renewal notices are sometimes a bit slow in coming if yours hasn’t arrived  5 days before your renewal date it might be worth your while ringing TelexFree support on

001117042456408 from outside the US or

001 888 886 5486 within the US

and and asking them to send your details to TelexFree

This should be done in office hours of 9am- 5pm US EASTERN time which is 11pm – 7am Melbourne time, although I have rung at 10am Melbourne time and still gotten through.


It is also worth emailing with your userid and email address.

As always don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


John and Linda Ballis
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