When would you want to know that what you knew to be true ended up not being true at all?

If you are an ostrich, you would probably never want to know.


Are you an Ostrich?


If you believe that virtual money “mined” from a computer program is worth more than gold maybe you don’t want to know the truth.

If you think you will become a millionaire with the latest and greatest matrix or ad share program… put your head back in the sand.

If you think the government has money to back the paper money it prints… you are an ostrich in for a shock!

Currently the FDIC has 33 Billion to cover over 500 Billion in deposits. Will you be the one coming up short?



Here’s the thing:


…the global economy is literally falling apart.
(if you don’t know that then it’s just proof that you are uninformed about that fact)

Precious metals have been the “got to” place for all economic turmoil for THOUSANDS of years by the SUPER RICH (another hint) and now the “mother of all” collapses are looming…


Over 4000 (THOUSAND) currencies have alreadycollapsed before but NEVER on a global scale and since this is going to be the Reserve Currency

watch out!
(ostriches won’t “get” this concept and its content…  nor the opportunity… because they always stick their heads in the sand)


Before you pay anyone else this week pay yourself first. Take the time to learn what Karatbars can do for you, don’t be an ostrich.




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