Are you looking backwards to the past of forwards to the future?

In your quiet moments over the next few days, please take some time to reflect on this quote by Steve Siebold:

“Amateurs like to talk about the good old days, and how they wish things were like they were before.

Professional performers are just the opposite. The pros revere and respect the past but place responsibility for the future squarely on their own shoulders.

Taking personal responsibility for failures, successes and actions in general is a trait of world class performers. The saying “If it is to be, it’s up to me” reflects their beliefs.

Average people would rather see themselves as victims of circumstances beyond their control. The great ones make their own circumstances and respond with a higher level of awareness to negative events in their lives. Their execution based focus and future orientation keeps them on track.

It all begins with taking full responsibility for your life and your future.”

Where are you playing in your life? Wallowing in your past mistakes or learning experiences or moving forward towards your new future.


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