Do you want to give a unique birthday present this year?

Do you have someone whose birthday is coming up?

Are you being faced with that age old question

 “what do I buy so-and-so this year?”

Well, why not consider a present which is not only beautiful

to look at, feels nice to the touch, but also goes up in value??

Introducing the Karatbars Gold Cards!

Each card comes embedded with 1 gram of 999.99% Pure Currency grade gold!

—————————— —————————— —————–

With the price of gold tipped to sky-rocket over the next couple of years,

this could be the best gift any of your loved ones have ever received… and GREAT advertising for your business!! (if you’re on the team)

—————————— —————————— ——————-

To order simply login to your FREE Karatbars account,

go to “Product Purchase” then go to “Special gold cards”

and then scroll down till you see the Karatbars Gold Cards….

Maybe choose the one that says “Happy Birthday” or

the card that says “I Love You”

Share this with all your family and/or team members also…

…and make this a birthday gift to remember!!



Join our team and find out how you can get gold for free with our 12 week plan.



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