How do you stay motivated when you work on your online business every day but still get no signups?

When your business is exciting and you can see it grow you will be more likely to stay motivated.

You need to realise there are 3 stages of marketing as outlined in “Dare to Dream-Work to Win” by Dr. Tom Barrett that everyone goes through

  • It’s not worth it – this is where you are putting in time and effort and not getting the rewards and this is where 98% of people stop or move to the next up and coming program. As they are not pushing through their own mindset barriers they will just repeat this process time and time again and not make any progress towards becoming successful online or in any other business venture.
  • It’s worth it stage – the amount of time being invested in your business directly correlates to the amount of money you are earning and all the costs of your time and efforts are being covered.
  • I’m not worth this much stage – You are now getting paid WAY beyond your efforts and time and expenses….and have to keep pinching yourselves each day. This is where dreams are made.

You need to go through the different stages as part of your growth, similar to children needing to crawl before they learn to walk as different skills are developed at each stage.

You need to persevere and keep doing something every single day then you cannot fail. If you are not seeing the results that you want to see today then you need to understand that as long as you are persevering you are making progress and you are growing your mindset. Your mindset is the most critical portion of any successful business. You will see the results down the road but it will take time.

Reach down inside yourself for your passion because that is what people will hear in your voice and what people will relate to. This also works in reverse if you are wishy washy, people will feel that coming from you and will be reluctant to follow you into the business.

You have to have a dream and goals to work towards. You need a clear vision of where you are going. You need to get to the point where you know where you have to be. It won’t be about money, it will be about your own sense of “rightness” or purpose. You will have to feel that you are following your heart.

In your life “The Universe” or whatever higher entity you believe in will put lessons in your path to help you grow. These lessons will be repeated again and again, in different ways until you learn them. Instead of complaining about the difficulties you may be currently facing it is actually more useful to ask yourself “what can I learn from this life experience”

The difference in this mindset will change your whole view of life and how you view your current circumstances. This will also help cement the belief that what is happening at the moment is only temporary and you just need to move past this lesson to move forward.


You must have an attitude of gratefulness for what you already have in your life and what life has allowed you to experience and grow from. In reality there are always people worse off than you in the world and it is worth it to remind yourself of this often. Sure, there will always be others that have it better than you but it is important to understand that everyone is on their own life journey.


It is also important to realise that you never know what is happening in someone else’s life. What may seem perfect from the outside may be totally different for the person living that life once they are behind closed doors and not having to put on a “Happy face”.


Everything in life is a perception and no 2 people perceive circumstances the same way. Everyone puts their own slant on any circumstance, influenced by their own life’s experiences. You may find someone earning $10,000 a week and “living the dream” who is so stressed they can’t enjoy life and you may find another person who can barely pay their bills who just takes life in their stride and makes the best out of their situation. Likewise the reverse can be equally true with the person making money being happy and the person having no money being unhappy.

The amount of money you earn or the perceived success you are currently experiencing has very little to do with your happiness. Your happiness or sense of contentment with life is something that comes from inside of you and is independent of any outside circumstances.

Someone that appears to have their life set financially may be experiencing health or relationship issues because that is their lessons. You may be struggling financially but that is when it is most important to recognise what is working positively in your life and to be grateful for it. For example, you may not yet be making a full time income in Karatbars or whatever business you are working on, but when you are part of a fantastic supportive team that will help you grow and be successful you will succeed if you “Don’t Give Up”.

You cannot go out with the attitude that you will be rejected. The reality of marketing is that you will get 99 No’s for every Yes, so you may as well go ahead and get all the No’s out of the way and move towards your Yes because it is definitely out there. As with any business there are many people that will join and not do anything with the business and there are others that will join and do a little bit of work and not much more but it only takes 1 or 2 people to really “Get it” and work with you for your team to explode.

The KEY to building your Karatbars business, or any other business in MLM big is to keep a constant supply of leads coming in and to keep building your list, and growing as a person. At first what happens is you will sponsor a lot of “needy” people and it takes time to build a solid income with this type of team, but EVERYONE starts here. As you develop as a leader and build a bigger team, you will begin to attract other leaders, you know how it goes, leaders want to join leaders. You just need to move through the stages.

Hold onto your dreams and your passion. Understand what success really is, it’s not about money. If you really believe in what you are doing the money will automatically follow. Success is how you feel within yourself.

You need to keep developing your mindset by reading and learning, whether this is self-development material or about your business. This will make you grow and be convicted about your success in the business. Things definitely take time, like any growth, so you need to recognise this and allow for it.

It is critical to Shift Your Energy. Become a person who attracts people. That’s it! It means “stop complaining” and “stop arguing for why you can’t and begin arguing for why you can”. It means always seeking to uplift, edify and encourage another person. It means to have an attitude of gratitude and LET IT BE KNOWN. Don’t focus on problems, focus on solutions.

What’s funny (or tragic) is this wealth building concept is a very simple, very inexpensive way to PROFOUNDLY change the course of your life and financial destiny. Yet most people will not do it. The bottom line is until you do “shift the energy” you will continue to struggle because it is NOT about you. It is all about who you serve. Give first to get. This is a very powerful but important concept!



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