Karatbars hangout with Damian Twomey

This week on our regular Karatbars Protection Through Gold hangout we had the privilege of listening to Damian Twomey and his journey to online success. His journey is something many people working online will be able to relate to and is a realistic view of what it really takes to be successful online, rather than the usual get rich overnight story that is often portrayed. Here are my thoughts on his interview, mixed with my own observations of creating success in the online world.

Life has a way of pushing against you in order to teach you whatever lessons you need to know. As you are going through any particular life experience it is often difficult to recognise what the lessons are but when you look back you can usually see what you learnt from any particular experience, no matter how stressful it appeared at the time. It is a sign of growth when you can recognise this concept and accept it. When this happens you are more likely to move through the experience faster.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the habits of day to day life. Most people go to work to earn enough money to live in a place where they spend the majority of their time asleep and don’t appreciate it anyway. If you don’t like your work and what you do with the majority of your time this can be a very demoralising experience. Instead of motivating you this often makes people apathetic and they don’t do anything to get themselves out of the situation that they hate.

When you have a very strong “Why” it is a lot easier to put the required effort in to make things happen.  Even when you come across blocks you will have more reason to push through them and persevere.

Many people are successful in making money online and if you are not currently successful it is not necessarily a fault of the program you are working with (although there are many duds out there). Usually you need to grow within yourself in order for you to be successful. This may be that you need to learn skills of the online world but it is more likely that you need to learn to change something in your own mindset and get rid of your own limiting beliefs, whatever they are. These limiting beliefs may, in fact have nothing to do with money at all and may be about self-worth or they may be about money beliefs that you learnt growing up.

There is a saying that says “your income is directly proportional to your personal growth and your thinking” and the battle with your own subconscious can, in fact be the most difficult battle of all.

You need to recognise that everything in life is a journey and any business that is successful will take work and dedication.

When you are looking for an online business many people can’t relate to the traditional marketing of the big house and fast cars. Although people often get taken in by the “flash” they quickly become disillusioned when the promised results don’t magically appear. People are more likely to relate to real people that are like themselves. This is why it is important in the online world to let people know who you are, whether that is by making videos or writing blog posts.

You need to focus on one program and one method of advertising at a time. Otherwise you will become overwhelmed and will probably end up not doing anything productive. One of the most important things you can do is to create a daily activity task list for yourself and stick to it.

It is important to understand that when you are working any business, whether online of offline that you are not working for money. You are working for what money can give you and in reality you are working to create the time freedom to pursue what is really important to you in your life.

It doesn’t matter what path you take in life there will always be lessons to learn. It is when you accept this and understand that you will make mistakes but they are not the end of the world, they are only stepping stones on your journey to success, that you will move forward.

There is no such thing as instant success. The people that you hear of as having instant success have usually been working at things for many years and growing step by step themselves. You never know what really goes on in other people’s lives. Most people put on a good show to outsiders but inside and in private it may be a different story. It is critical when you are following anyone that you see all aspects of their personality, not just what they choose to show in the flashy videos.

This is the reason that I feel so fortunate to have come across the leaders and members of our current Karatbars team. The leaders are sincere and trustworthy whether things are working or they are not. They don’t just disappear into the sunset when programs go belly up. Lourens, Alby and Scott have built a team of like-minded people that are looking further ahead than the next short term money making program. Karatbars is solid and an excellent program both for making an online income today and a vehicle for protecting your hard earned money in the coming tumultuous financial times ahead.



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