The NEW Compensation Plan – TelexFREE

Since the introduction of the new compensation plan, on March 10th, there has been a variety of opinions and perspectives as to: “Why did TelexFREE change their plan?”  “Would someone please explain it to me?” and “What will I do now?”

Here it is, the answers to those and other questions:  (take a look, watch, learn and act)

We, and many other skilled worldwide networkers, have made great efforts to study this new compensation plan.  We have been actively discussing its features since its release.  Of course it is vastly different than the old plan.  And it should be.  There are aspects we really like, and other nuances, we will deal with.  Long-term, it has more to offer.  It’s half the price to start a TelexFREE business now.  And as more products are introduced, the residual aspect of the plan becomes quite impressive.  Simply, you need to focus on the “Power Of Four.”

Again, watch Randy’s video:  

Just like life, the compensation plan has its challenges.  And with all challenges comes the need for change.  And change can be hard.  And when something is hard, it can manifest a fear.  And that fear can cause a reaction.  You have to ask yourself: How are you reacting to the change?  And what will you do about it?

100% of you have earned a steady weekly and reliable income from TelexFREE.  You’re a part of the most dynamic and hardest working core of TelexFREE.  Be proud of what you’ve accomplished.  And surround yourself with those that matter most to you.  Those that will support you.  Those that will tell you the truth.  Those that will provide you value. Through any great challenge, is an opportunity for change.  To make something better.  TelexFREE is better, because now the change is really a gain.

Look & Learn…and you’ll see what we see…meetings and conversations are happening all over the world…(for a reason):

It’s time to build your network.  Enrollments around the world are increasing.  They see the “Power of Four”.  Do you?  Watch again…and master your mind so that you can direct your outcome!

Go Build Your Empire…


With Continued Respect for all of You;


The Global Marketing Strategies Group



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